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The Makings of a Magazine, Part Two


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Beginning with Concepts
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Last time, we discussed what it takes to submit a design to a knitting magazine and I addressed five steps to submission success. Now, I’ll discuss how we determine the overall concept, work with color stories and how we put the wheels in motion to begin the creation process of each issue of Creative Knitting magazine.

Developing a concept for a new issue is a highly creative process, and I love working with color, yarn snips and other inspiring reference materials to pull the issue together, but it’s also a balancing act of several factors.

When planning an issue, in addition to choosing designs that are beautiful on the printed page, I take the following factors into consideration:

  • What are the trends in knitting?
  • What yarns will be hot for the season?
  • What techniques do our audience look for?
  • Is there a good balance of projects from beginner to intermediate skill levels?
  • Is there a selection of skill-building tutorials that help give novice knitters confidence?

As a designer, studying the magazine you’re interested in submitting to is a good idea. What kinds of articles do they feature? What age demographic do you think the readership is? What kinds of yarns does the magazine continually feature? Is there a fiber that you think will be important for the season?

If you’re able to spot trends in the magazine or find a hole that you think you can fill, you’ll be an asset to the editor, and there’s a strong chance that your design will be published.

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