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The Magic of Mitered Knitting


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Anatomy of a Mitered Square
Mitered Square

The anatomy of a mitered square.

Kara Gott Warner.

Creative Knitting's editor Kara Gott Warner is back with a new three-part series on knitting stitch techniques based on her Mix & Match Sampler course at Annie's. Enjoy!

In this Workshop, we will dive into the “anatomy” of three different techniques. In Part 1, we will explore Mitered Knitting. Then in Part 2, we’ll step things up with Seed Stitch techniques, and finally, we’ll finish the series off with Part 3: Lace and Openwork.

Together, we will work step-by-step through the process, and then I will send you off with “homework” so you can create stitch squares on your own. At the end of the series, if you feel like taking things a step further, I will show you how to put your blocks together so you can easily make them into a beach bag, lap blanket or floor rug. You can also visit AnniesOnlineClass.com and click on my Mix & Match Knit Sampler class to learn more about this and other fascinating techniques.

To kick things off, let’s jump right into a technique called Mitered Knitting, also commonly referred to as Modular or Domino Knitting. This way of knitting gets its name from the series of central decreases worked at the midpoint of every other row, causing the mitered corner to emerge diagonally until a perfect square is formed.

This technique is easy to grasp and it offers tremendous possibilities for creative expression. Mitered squares can be made with virtually any stitch pattern of your choice such as seed stitch, ribbing and colorwork to name just a few. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

As illustrated, the basic mitered square is achieved by working a series of decreases on alternate rows worked which are positioned at the center. When you work decreases on either side of this marker, this causes the stitches to create a little point in the middle of the work as you can see on the needle above. As you continue to work the decreases, and you have fewer stitches on the needle, eventually this turns into a perfect little square. Check out this video to learn more about Mitered Knitting in this sample from my online Mix & Match Knit Sampler class.

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