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Knit a Duplicate Stitch Sample


Duplicate stitch sample

A sample of duplicate stitch.

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Knitting a sample of duplicate stitch will give you all the confidence you need to add this simple embellishment to your projects. No matter how complicated the motif pattern, duplicate stitch boils down to one basic stitch.

This project, knit on a stockinette stitch swatch, will give you plenty of experience working the duplicate stitch without having to worry about messing up a finished project.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 30 minutes or fewer

Here's How:

  1. Gather your materials.

    You will need:

    • a good-sized swatch of stockinette stitch, at least five inches square
    • a couple of feet of contrasting yarn
    • a yarn needle
    • scissors
  2. Stitch two duplicate stitches.

    A full tutorial on the duplicate stitch is available, but the steps are really simple:

    1. Place the needle through the bottom point of the stitch you want to duplicate.
    2. Go through the back of the stitch above the stitch you want to duplicate, from right to left.
    3. Put the needle back through the point where you started.
  3. Skip and stitch.

    After stitching over two stitches, skip two stitches and then stitch over the next two stitches. Make sure to leave the yarn between the stitches you are duplicating relatively loose so the work doesn't pucker.

    Continue in this manner, stitching two and skipping two, across your swatch.

  4. Turn and stitch.

    Once you've gone as far as you can making the duplicate stitch from right to left, start again going from left to right.

    Start with the stitch right above the stitch you just covered. Working from left to right is basically the same as working from right to left, only you have to slip the needle behind the stitch above from left to right.

    Continue to knit two and skip two across. When you're finished, you'll have squares of duplicated stitches that are two stitches wide and two stitches tall.

  5. Make a checkerboard.

    Now that you've got the hang of the duplicate stitch, work from right to left again, this time skipping the first two stitches and duplicating the two stitches in the column you skipped the last time.

    Continue as established, stitching back and forth and alternating stitches every third row, until you are comfortable with the process.

    Cut your yarn. Weave in the ends if desired. Now you're ready to try duplicate stitch on a real project!


  1. Some people like to turn the work 90 degrees when they switch from knitting right to left to going left to right. This makes it look like you're knitting up the work instead of across. Try it and see if it makes life easier for you.

  2. If possible, use the same kind of yarn for your duplicating that you used for your knitting. That will make the smoothest duplicated stitches. You can also try dividing the plys of a yarn that is too thick for your project.

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