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Books for New Knitters

Build Your Skills with Books


The Internet is a great place to learn about knitting (and just about anything else) but books are still invaluable as a source for knitting information, tips and patterns.

Here's a look at some of the best books for new knitters that will have you building your skills and trying new tricks in no time.

Color Knitting the Easy Way

color knitting the easy way
Potter Craft.

Some new knitters are afraid to try knitting stripes or other color knitting techniques. Melissa Leapman's Color Knitting the Easy Way takes all the fear out of color knitting by only focusing on knitting stripes and using slip stitches to make color patterns -- two techniques that require working with just one color yarn at a time.

Fearless Knitting Workshop

fearless knitting workbook
Interweave Press.

Fear gets in the way of a lot of new knitters building their skills. If you've been told any knitting technique is hard or not for new knitters, the Fearless Knitting Workbook has step-by-step, skill building lessons that are sure to get you on the right track. You'll learn basic stitch patterns, shaping techniques, cables, lace and how to knit in the round in this knitting class in a book.

Jil Eaton's Knitting School

jil eaton knitting school
Potter Craft.

Jil Eaton is a knitter who's all about colorful, fun patterns that are pretty simple and quick to knit. Her knitting school in a book covers all the basics and beyond, from casting on, knitting and purling to making cables, bobbles and stranded knitting. The lessons in the book build on each other so once you've worked through it (or at least read through it) you'll have a good grounding in a lot of knitting skills.

Knit Fix

knit fix
Interweave Press.
Knitters of all skill levels make mistakes, but newer knitters lack the experience to know what to do when they drop a stitch or have some other problem with their knitting. Knit Fix offers solutions to many common (and some less common) knitting mistakes, complete with large illustrations so you'll be able to see quite easily what you need to do to get your knitting back on track.


Stewart, Tabori & Chang.
There are a lot of strange terms involved in knitting and it's often assumed that people reading knitting patterns or books, magazines or websites about knitting will know what they mean. KnitSpeak is a glossary of knitting terms and abbreviations, as well as a handy measuring tool (the back of the book has a 6-inch ruler printed on it).

Knitting Beyond Scarves

knitting beyond scarves
Watson-Guptill Publications.

Most people start their knitting careers with scarves, and some knitters stick with just scarves for a long time. Melissa Leapman shows that new knitters that with just a few extra skills they can go beyond scarves and knit tops, hats, bags and more. The book focuses on simple stitch patterns and techniques to help new knitters build confidence.

Knitting in Plain English

knitting in plain english
Thomas Dunne Books.
Maggie Righetti is a pro at explaining knitting techniques and offering her tips to make knitting easier, as the title says, in plain English. She serves up some humor and a you-can-do-it attitude with her sage knitting advice, and this is a book knitters of all skill levels will find themselves turning to again and again.

Lily Chin's Knitting Tips & Tricks

lily chin knitting tips
Potter Craft.

Lily Chin is a knit and crochet master, and she released a pair of books full of tips for both crafts. The knitting bok is brilliant, with all sorts of great tips knitters of all skill levels will want to steal. Reading this book as a newish knitter may blow your mind a bit, but if you start from the beginning using some of Chin's ideas you're sure to become a better knitter more quickly.

Simple Style

simple style
Interweave Press.

Simple Style is a pretty book that proves that relatively easy techniques don't have to produce plain-looking projects. While it's not for complete beginners, it does offer projects that focus on just a few details to make them extraordinary, which is a good approach for a newer knitter.

Stitch'N Bitch

stitch'n bitch
Workman Publishing

Stitch'N Bitch is a book that taught a lot of people how to knit, and with good reason. The snarky style may be a turn off to some, but the tone, illustrations and funky patterns are very attractive to knitters of a certain age and temperment. Once you've learned the basics from the original book, build your skills with Stitch'N Bitch Superstar Knitting.

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