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Crocheting on the Edge

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Crocheting on the Edge

Crocheting on the Edge by Nicky Epstein.

Nicky Epstein Books.

Nicky Epstein's Knitting On, Over and Beyond the Edge series of books are well known for the dizzying number of options they provide for knitters who want to add a little (or a lot) extra something to their work.

In the same vein, her Crocheting on the Edge: Ribs & Bobbles, Ruffles, Flora, Fringes, Points & Scallops provides both knitters and crocheters a wealth of information and inspiration for crocheted trims that can be worked separately and attached or built onto a finished fabric.

Just for Knitters

Crocheting on the Edge is unique among the books that include information about crocheted edgings in that it has a section just for knitters about adding crocheted borders to knit objects. There are just six options given, but at least knitters are given some attention, thanks to Epstein's status as both a knitter and crocheter.

For knitters and others with less experience with crochet, there are also introductory sections illustrating how the same pattern looks in different textures of yarn and different yarn weights, showing once again how important working a test swatch is to make sure you like the given patten in the yarn and gauge you're using.

There are also notes on reading and using the patterns in the book, which include both written and charted instructions.

Tons of Crocheted Options

The main part of the book is focused on crocheted trims worked on crochet or attached to a crocheted item, but that doesn't meant they couldn't be used by a knitter or worked onto knitting. As the subtitle notes, there are patterns here for ribs, bobbles, ruffles, flora, fringes, points and scallops.

Many of the patterns are inspired by knit borders from her previous books and will look somewhat familiar to people who have used those books. There are many, many (more than 200, in fact) options for adding a bit of crochet to whatever sort of project you're working on. Some are relatively easy, while others are quite complex, using multiple colors, loops, attached pieces and other fun stuff.

Some are quite whimsical, too, including a border festooned with pickle-like shapes and another embellished with multicolored bear faces that would be super-cute on a child's sweater.

The fun of a book like this is looking through when you're not looking for anything in particular. You'll likely find something -- often many somethings -- that could inspire new projects.

And if you're not the sort who wants to branch out completely on her or his own, there are also eight patterns using some of the embellishments in the book. These include a hooded sweatshirt jacket, a lacy cashmere capelet, a hatband and bracelet made of crochet worked over rings and a medallion medley wrap that's pure Epstein.

Bottom Line

Crocheting on the Edge is a great book for knitters and crocheters alike who don't want the project to end when the main work of the knitting or crochet is done. Adding a border or trim makes a piece look that much more special and unique -- you won't see edgings like this on store-bought knits, that's for sure.

The book offers lots of options and tons of inspiration for knitters and crocheters who might see an edging and use it to design a whole new garment.

Publication date: July 2008

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