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Halloween Ghost Chart


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Halloween Ghost Chart
Halloween Ghost Chart

Halloween Ghost Chart, click for larger image.

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Add this Halloween Ghost Chart to a washcloth, bib, towel or any item of clothing you wish to give it a Halloween theme!; This grinning ghostie isn't too spooky, so kids like him too!

For those unused to knitting from charts -- each square represents a stitch, each square is worked in the color shown, though of course you can choose your own color scheme if you like. The picture can also be worked in duplicate stitch on top of finished knitting. The chart is worked across 38 stitches and extends to 48 rows.

This chart is worked in plain Stockinette Stitch -- knitting every right side or "public side" row, and purling each wrong side row. This little chart doesn't take long at all to knit up, and is good for a first foray into intarsia.

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