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Beginner's Garter Stitch Scarf


garter stitch scarf

Garter Stitch Scarf.

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The Perfect Pattern for Beginners

If you're new to knitting and are contemplating your first project, I would like to recommend this one, the Easy Garter Stitch Scarf.

All you need to know is how to cast on, make the knit stitch and bind off. It literally cannot get any easier than this.

More experienced knitters should take a look at this pattern, too. It makes a handsome scarf that you can complete in just a couple of hours -- perfect for last-minute gift giving.


  • One skein super-bulky yarn, around 100 yards (I used Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick in Denim)
  • Size 13 US (9 mm) needles
  • Scissors and a crochet hook (with the bulky yarn, it's easier to weave in ends with a hook than a needle)


Gauge is not critical for this project, but I got about 2.5 stitches per inch in Garter Stitch.


Finished scarf is about 5 inches wide. Length will vary depending on the yardage of your chosen yarn.

Knitting the Scarf

  1. Cast on 12 stitches.
  2. Knit every row until you have about a yard of yarn left or to your desired length.
  3. Bind off. Cut yarn, leaving a tail of about 6 inches.
  4. Use your crochet hook to weave in the ends at the top and bottom.

See, I told you it was easy!

Make the Project Your Own

This is a wonderful all-purpose scarf pattern. You can make it with any kind of yarn or with a couple of different kinds of yarn held together.

If you want to use a different weight of yarn, check on the label to see what sized needles are recommended and use them instead of the size 13s. You might also need a few more stitches if you're using lighter weight yarn in order to get a nice width. Or you can make a super-skinny scarf. That's fun, too.

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