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Dropped Stitch Belt


Dropped stitch belt

Dropped Stitch Belt.

Sarah White

Dropping Stitches on Purpose:

Usually a dropped stitch in knitting is a bad thing, but sometimes stitches can be dropped on purpose for great decorative effect. This pattern for a funky belt uses a simple dropped stitch pattern to make for a cool and quick-knitting design, perfect for spring and summer.



Three and a half stitches and four rows per inch in stockinette stitch. Gauge is not critical on this project.


Finished project is two inches wide and can be as long as you want. Pictured belt is 48 inches with fringe.


  1. Cast on six stitches.
  2. Work the first four rows in stockinette stitch, knitting the first and last stitch of each row to cut down on curl.
  3. On the next row when you form each knit stitch, wrap the yarn around the needle twice before sliding the new stitch onto the right-hand needle.
  4. On the next row, purl each stitch, but as you slide each stitch off the left-hand needle, drop the extra wrap. This will make extra-long looking stitches on that row.
  5. When you get to the end of that row, tug on the work gently to straighten out the dropped stitches.
  6. Repeat these six rows until project is desired length.
  7. Bind off.

Finishing and Wearing:

To give this belt a little more zing, add tassels to the ends. I used three tassels on each side, each made of three strands of yarn cut 12 inches long. Make as many tassels as you like and whatever length you want.

To wear the belt, weave through belt loops or just tie it around your waist. The ends can be positioned to hang down in the middle front or on either side, as desired.

This piece would also make a cute headband or a skinny spring scarf.

About the Yarn:

Moda Dea Ticker Tape is a bulky weight ribbon yarn made in Italy of 100 percent nylon. It comes in 50 gram balls with an approximate yardage of 67 yards and is available in seven multi-colored varieties.

It is very easy to work with for a ribbon yarn. It should be hand washed and air dried, and it should not be ironed or dry-cleaned.

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