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Color Block Pillow


Color block pillow

Color Block Pillow

Sarah White

Easy Color Work:

Some people are intimidated by working with different colors in the same row of knitting, but it's really not that difficult.

All you need is a bunch of balls or bobbins of the different colors you are working with so you can leave that color yarn right where you need it. This makes for a cleaner back of the work than in stranded knitting.


  • one skein Lion Suede in one color, plus 25 to 50 yards of two other colors (I used Mocha for color A, Denim for color B and Olive for color C)
  • yarn bobbins (optional)
  • one pair size 9 US needles
  • scissors
  • yarn needle
  • one 14-inch square pillow form


14.5 stitches and 20 rows make four inches in stockinette stitch.


Finished size is about 15 inches wide and 28 inches long. It fits a 14-inch pillow form without stretching or looking too empty.

Preparing the Yarn:

Before you get started on this project, make small balls of yarn to work with in each color you are using--two each for colors A and B and one for color C. These small balls make it much easier to maneuver without mess when you have five balls of yarn going at once.

If desired, use yarn bobbins to spool the yarn onto instead. These little plastic pieces hold the yarn tight so that you don't get long strands of yarn to tangle up at the back of your work.


  1. Cast on 51 stitches in color A. Knit in stockinette stitch for two inches.
  2. On the next right side row, knit 7 stitches in color A, 37 stitches in color B and 7 stitches in color A. Continue in this manner in stockinette stitch for two inches.
  3. On the next right side row, knit 7 stitches in color A, 7 stitches in color B, 23 stitches in color C, 7 stitches in color B and 7 stitches in color A. Continue in this way in stockinette stitch for six inches.
  4. Repeat step two, again for two inches.
  5. Knit in stockinette stitch in color A for two inches. Entire piece now measures 14 inches.

The Second Side:

At this point you can bind off and knit a second piece in the same manner as the first.

Or you can simply knit the second side by continuing to knit in A for two more inches and then repeating the process, beginning with step two above, to make the second side of the pillow.

If you like you can also switch color B and color C so that the color blocks look different on each side.

When you have completed the final two inches in color A, bind off and cut any extra thread. Block if necessary. Sew the sides of the pillow using mattress stitch, remembering to add your pillow form before you close up the last side.

Color Knitting Tips:

This pillow is worked with a different ball of yarn for each block of color being used. That means you have one ball of color A at the beginning, but then break off into two when color B comes in.

When you start working with color C, you'll have five balls of yarn on the back: two for color A, two for color B and one for color C.

Keep the balls small and try to prevent them from rolling all over. The longer the strands of yarn at the back of your work, the more likely they are to get tangled.

As with other color knitting, bring the new yarn up from underneath the yarn you were just working with to prevent holes.

About the Yarn:

Lion Suede is a bulky polyester yarn with the look and feel of suede. It is available in 15 solids and 8 multicolors. It is machine washable but should be allowed to air dry.

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