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Knitting Memoirs and Essays

Reviews of knitting memoirs and essay collections about knitting.

Home is Where the Wine is
Laurie Perry, also known as Crazy Aunt Purl, is back with another memoir highlighting her efforts to rejoin the dating world after divorce, travel the world solo and, oh yeah, knit a little.

A Knitter's Home Companion
Michelle Edwards is known for her essays about knitting and life published in the Lion Brand Yarn newsletter, and this book collects some of her essays as well as knitting patterns and recipes that go along with the stories.

A Life in Stitches
These 20 essays explore a life in knitting, and how knitting plays into love, loss, work and life.

All Wound Up
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee shares stories of wonky gauge, the perils of leaving the house, unruly children, lost mittens and more in this knitting essay collection.

Astounding Knits
Lela Nargi chronicles 101 and the biggest, smallest, record-setting and amazing knitting and crochet projects out there to inspire us all to dream big with our next knitting project.

Knitting Through It
Knitting is a craft that can be as useful for salving the spirit as it is for clothing the body. Lela Nargi collects essays and historic documents about knitting through the years to illustrate how knitting can be a comfort in all types of hard times.

Knitting the Threads of Time
Every piece of knitting has a story, and Nora Murphy traces the winter she spent knitting her first sweater while exploring the origins of knitting and other fiber arts around the world.

Zen and the Art of Knitting
Zen and the Art of Knitting explores the connections between knitting, creativity and spirituality through a series of essays and interviews with knitters. The book may cause you to think more deeply about why you knit and what it means to you.

In the Loop: Knitting Now
Knitting is a lot more than just loops of yarn made into a garment. It can be art, feminist statement, social movement, activist message and much more, as the essays and images in this book suggest.

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off is a funny book about traveling to the land of knitting that will make all of us feel a little better about our obsession with this craft.

The Joy of Knitting
The Joy of Knitting by Lisa R. Myers is a beautiful book that will make you feel good about being a knitter.

The Knitting Way
The Knitting Way is a lovely exploration of the spiritual side of knitting, along with several wonderful projects to get you thinking about why you knit.

KnitLit is a heartwarming collection of essays by and for knitters about why we knit, how we knit, and what it means to be a knitter.

Crazy Aunt Purl's Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Hair
Crazy Aunt Purl, also known as Laurie Perry, reveals how she learned to knit during her divorce. Her story is funny, heartwarming and a good lesson on how to recover from life-altering, crazy-making experiences.

Things I Learned from Knitting
As usual, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee delivers tons of knitting wisdom, humor and heart in a little book that says what we all think about our craft but could never put so eloquently.

Free Range Knitter
In the style of the Yarn Harlot's other books, Free Range Knitter takes readers on a wonderful adventure through the land of knitting. This time it's populated with plenty of people Stephanie Pearl-McPhee loves.

Knitting for Peace
Knitting for charity is not just about helping the individual person who will receive your scarf, socks or blanket. Mindful stitching can really help heal the world and bring a little more peace to our planet, as Knitting for Peace illustrates.

Knitting for Good
Knitting is an activity that is good for you as an individual (stress relief, creativity) and that can also be beneficial to your immediate community and the world at large, as Betsy Greer explains.

Sweater Quest
Adrienne Martini's knitting memoir is about her year spent knitting Alice Starmore's Mary Tudor sweater, but of course it's about much more than that, in particular why we knit, what it means to knit someone else's patterns and why the process can often be more important than the product.

Keeping Watch
Kathryn Sletto took on the task of being a part-time shepherdess to a bunch of sheep, rabbits, llamas and an alpaca to see if the fiber-raising life was for her and her family.

Knitting Memories Audiobook
Knitting Memories includes the stories of knitters and those who are otherwise surrounded by knitting about what knitting means to them. The stories are from knitting pros and enthusiastic hobbyists and share a variety of the ways knitting can heal, bring joy and pass on history.

Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines Audiobook
The Mason-Dixon Knitters read selections from their blog and the essays accompanying the patterns in their book Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines.

Knitting Without Tears
Elizabeth Zimmermann's books are all classics, and this, her first, has never been out of print since it was originally published in 1971.

The Opinionated Knitter
A collection of Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Wool Gathering" newsletters from 1958 to 1968, this book also includes notes from EZ and her daughter as well as remembrances of the knitter so many held so dear.

Knitting Around
Elizabeth Zimmermann's last book, based on a video series done with her daughter, has a nice collection of patterns but is a real treasure for fans who want to know more about Zimmermann's life before she became a world-famous knitter.

Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting
Lorna Miser is best known as the founder of Lorna's Laces yarn company, and she writes about founding (and eventually selling) that company, along with other encounters knitting has brought to her life, along with patterns inspired by those interactions.

Dreaming in Color
Kaffe Fassett shares memories from his colorful life of more than 70 years, from his upbringing in Big Sur to his life knitting, quilting and painting (and more) in England.

10 Secrets of the Laidback Knitters
If your knitting is stressing you out, perhaps you need to take a more laidback approach with the help of these 10 tips for more holistic knitting.

Cheaper Than Therapy
Knitters and crocheters share their experience with yarn craft as a salve for physical and mental health problems.

The Yarn Whisperer
Clara Parkes shares the stories of her life in yarn in these 22 essays about everything from the importance of gauge to he bias against cotton yarn.

Knitting Yarns
These 27 personal essays from knitters, failed knitters and non-knitters explore the importance of knitting in modern life.

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