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Whimsical Hats by Lynne Rowe

Fun Hats for Kids and Adults

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Whimsical Hats by Lynne Rowe.


I love a funny hat on a kid -- I've knit hats that look like bunnies and other animals and there's a monkey hat in my book -- so I'm smitten with Whimsical Hats: Delightful and Amusing Hats to Knit, Wear and Love by Lynne Rowe.

This book includes 32 projects for animals, aliens, characters, flowers and more that you can knit for kids (and a couple of corresponding projects for adults as well) that are sure to bring a smile to kids and adults alike.

About the Book

  • Pages: 128
  • Format: paperback with interior flaps
  • Number of patterns: 32
  • Skill level: none given but patterns are suitable for advanced beginner to intermediate knitters
  • Illustrations: full-color photographs
  • Knitting lessons: a 22- page techniques and equipment section covers the basics of knitting, crochet and embellishment
  • Publication date: August 2013
  • Publisher: Barron's

The Patterns

The book is divided into general themes for the hats such as patterns inspired by nursery rhymes, the holidays, dress up, knit monsters, animals and the "just plain wacky," which includes things like a mushroom, beehive complete with bees and an octopus with legs that almost double as a scarf.

You'll find a red riding hood, a birthday cupcake, a chef's hat, a ladybug topper, one-eyed monsters for kids and parents, a Santa hat, a little devil cap and more.

These patterns are all really cute and would be great as winter warmers, part of a Halloween costume or just for dress up.

Some of my favorites are the bold mushroom worked in red with white spots, the funky striped zebra (complete with ears and a tuft of hair), the little mouse and adult version of the same, the super fuzzy reindeer, the adorable pirate hat with optional eye patch, the cute chick with feet hanging down the sides and the sweet winking owl pictured on the cover.

The hats mostly don't use a lot of difficult knitting skills, but the details and embellishments mean these projects will take a little more time than an plain hat would. The results, of course, will be well worth the effort.

The one complaint I have about this book, which I can't even believe I'm making at my age, is that the text for the patterns seems really small to me. It's readable, but it seems like they were trying to get each pattern to fit on a two-page spread so they shrunk the text to fit one of the longer patterns. I could be wrong but it just looks a little uncomfortable.

Bottom Line

Still, the patterns in Whimsical Knits are really cute, and any kid would be happy to have a fun topper like this on their head. Parents will be delighted and want to take a ton of pictures of their kids in these hats, and the couple of adult versions mean it's possible to dress the whole family as mice or monsters for Halloween or just for a goofy family picture.

This book may also inspire you to try your hand at design by altering one of these patterns to suit your child's obsessions. Maybe a horse instead of a zebra? There's a lot of places you can go with these projects.

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