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Knitty Kitty

Knits for Kitties

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Knitty Kitty

Knitty Kitty by David Elliot.

Candlewick Press.

Knitty Kitty by David Elliott and illustrated by Christopher Denise is a cute little story about a kitty who's trying to keep three little kittens warm with knitwear.

It's written as a bedtime story but would be a cute read any time of day and is a nice way to start conversations about knitting with young kids (the book is aimed at ages 4-8).

A Tale of Three Kitties

It's hard to review of short (32-page) story book without revealing most of the plot, so here goes. Knitty Kitty has three mischievous kittens (you can see them playing with yarn, chasing each other's tails and being generally adorable in the illustrations), and for each of them she knits something to help keep them warm: a hat, mittens and a scarf.

Of course, being little, they play with their warm stuff outside, using their knits to decorate a snowman, leaving Knitty Kitty to come up with a new plan for keeping her brood warm when it's time for bed.

It's a sweet little story with cute illustrations (though by some magic Knitty Kitty is able to knit circular pieces on straight needles!) and will make a great bedtime read (if you don't mind staying in bed with your child for a while after).

It's also a cute story for grownups who love both cats and knitting. The illustrations will remind you of kittens you've known and might encourage you to make a mitten cat toy.

Speaking of, the patterns mentioned in the story are also available in PDF format on the publisher's website.

Publication date: September 2008.

Publisher's website

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