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Top 4 Knitting Charities


Once your knitting hobby has become an obsession, you might find that you're knitting things faster than your friends and family can take them away. Or maybe you'll go crazy for a pattern or of project, like hats or afghans, and just want to make a ton.

That's where knitting charities come in. You can use your knitting skills to make wonderful projects and then feel the joy of giving them away to needy children, families abroad, even soldiers. Here are five great causes to lend your needles to.

1. Project Linus

Project Linus is a wonderful charity giving blankets (knit, crocheted or quilted) to children in hospitals. Nearly 400 chapters around the United States provide blankets to local hospitals.

The charity began in late 1995 and has grown very quickly, with "blanketeers" having donated more than 1.6 million blankets to children who could use a little security.

2. Afghans for Afghans

Afghans for Afghans is a project where Americans and others knit and crochet afghans, sweaters, vests, socks and other warm items for the children of Afghanistan. The good are distributed be relief agencies and is inspired by the Red Cross knitting efforts of past generations.

Afghans for Afghans also sells traditional Afghan-themed knitting patterns and other items to benefit the organization.

3. Chemo Caps

If you'd like to knit and give your knitted projects locally, Chemo Caps is a good option. This site, set up by the mother of a cancer patient, provides free patterns for caps for chemotherapy patients and encourages knitters to give them locally.

This would be a great project for a scout troop or other group of knitters to get together, make the caps and then arrange to deliver them to cancer patients.

4. Operation Homefront

When we think of soldiers, we probably most often think about sweltering desert conditions. But it gets cold where our soldiers are, too (and they aren't all in the Middle East, of course) so Operation Homefront has provided instructions for knitting helmet liners that will help keep our troops warm.

The liners can be completed and mailed to an organization in Illinois that distributes the liners to soldiers who need them.

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