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2011 About.com Knitting Readers' Choice Awards


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Best Knitting Needles: Knit Picks Harmony
knit picks harmony needles

Knit Picks Options Harmony needles.

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This is one of those cases where I happen to think my readers have excellent judgment. The winner of the Readers' Choice Award for Best Knitting Needles is the Knit Picks Harmony, a great set of interchangeable knitting needles made of wood.

These needles are pretty, nice to use and affordable as well. They won with a mere 28 percent of votes cast, though, so there's clearly a lot of variation in what people think of as the best knitting needle for them.

The Runners Up:

  • Hiya Hiya, 23 percent
  • Knit Picks Options, 19 percent
  • Addi Tubo, 16 percent
  • Signature Needle Arts, 11 percent
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