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Tips for Gift Knitting

Prepare Your Knit Gift Properly


If you're planning to give a knit gift to someone on your list, there are a few things you should do -- and some things you should think about -- as you prepare that gift for the person on your list.

How to Wrap Knitting

A knit gift is just like any other gift in that you can wrap it up any way you like. You can put it in a gift bag with tissue paper or wrap it with regular wrapping paper if you want.

But you can make the gift even more special and useful if you sew a gift bag out of fabric to put your knit gift in. This is a great way to present a gift, emphasizing that it's homemade, and also gives the person getting the gift a good place to store it when not in use.

Care Instructions

It's a really great idea to include a little card or piece of paper that has care instructions for the garment. People who aren't knitters in particular might assume that the gift is machine washable, so you'll want to let them know if it needs delicate treatment.

If you're giving a knit gift to a knitter (always a good idea, because we tend to be more appreciative than the average person), you can probably just say "that's alpaca" and she'll know what to do. Other people could use more detailed instructions (and maybe a good bottle of wool wash to bring the point home that this knit object needs special care).

It's a good idea, too, to include a length of the yarn you used if you have any extra on hand, just in case it's needed (though a non-knitter might not know what to do with it if it is needed). If you're giving a cardigan, it's a nice gesture to include an extra button or two, should one get lost with wear.

The Giving Spirit

The hardest thing about giving knit gifts is when they are not well received. People who don't knit don't always realize the time, effort and good thoughts that go into even the simplest knit projects. Young people in particular can be harsh if they don't like the style, the color or the content of a project you've knit for them.

Other people might be nice and receive your knit gift gracefully, but you'll never see them wear or use it. Or, if you've given it to someone you visit rarely, you might see them wear it every time you see them, as if they're trying to prove they like it.

It's difficult when the work of your hands gets rejected, so you need to think hard about who you're knitting for, how they're likely to react and what your reaction will be if they react poorly to your gift. If you'll be angry or resentful if the person doesn't like the gift, don't knit for that person, or be willing to accept their dislike of your knitting, take the gift back and give it to someone who will appreciate it -- even if that means giving it to charity.

And if someone reacts poorly to your knit gift, know that you don't have to try to change them; just don't knit for that person again. There are plenty of people out there who will appreciate the work of your needles; that's who you should focus your efforts on.

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