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Interview with Hannah Kearney, Knitting Olympian

Knitting on the Slopes


Hannah Kearney Dog Sweater

Hannah Kearney's dog, Lola, models a sweater Kearney knit.

Courtesy of Hannah Kearney.
Updated March 30, 2010

Hannah Kearney is a 2006 and 2010 Olympian (make that gold medal winner!) for Team USA in the freestyle skiing - moguls competition. She's also a knitter who loves to knit quick, useful projects.

She took a little time off from preparing for the 2010 Winter Games to talk to me about how she got started knitting, what she likes to knit and what she's planning to take to Vancouver.

About: When and how did you learn to knit?

Hannah Kearney: I learned to knit when my third grade class whittled knitting needles out of the twigs on an apple tree. I learned much more about knitting when I took a class in a yarn store in my home town of Norwich, Vermont, when I was a senior in high school.

About: What are some of your favorite things to knit?

HK: I love knitting cables and hats because they are useful and quick.

About: Why do you like to knit?

HK: I like to knit because it is a productive way to relax.

About: We all wish we had more time to knit. How do you fit knitting into your training schedule?

HK: I knit while I travel and often in the evenings with a cup of tea.

About: What are you working on now?

HK: I am working on a child's swirled red and blue hat.

About: Are you planning to take any projects to Vancouver?

HK: I will still be working on that hat since I am a slow knitter.

About: Have you taught any of your teammates to knit or are any of them crafty as well?

HK: Several of my teammates crochet, but we have shared ideas for projects and yarn shop locations.

About: Do you have any favorite knitting designers, books or blogs?

HK: I love the stories and patterns in Knitting for Peace by Betty Christiansen. The hat I am currently knitting is from this book.

More About Hannah

If you want to follow Hannah during the Olympic Games, the women's qualifying and final rounds are all on February 13, just a few days before Hannah's 24th birthday.

She's been skiing since she was 2 and won four Junior World Championships in moguls. Before that she was competitive in both soccer and track. She came in 22nd at the Winter Games in 2006. Her brother is also big into winter sports: he plays hockey for Yale.

Best of luck to Hannah and all the other Team USA members.

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