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From knitting for charity to knitting retreats, blogs to magazines, there are tons of ways to connect with other knitters. Let us help you find your fellow knitters and explore the wide world of the knitting community.
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Finished Objects
About.com readers show off their finished knit objects and share the stories of the projects.

How Do You Find More Time For Knitting?
Readers share how they find more time for knitting in their daily lives.

Tips for Gift Knitting
If you're planning to give someone knitting a gift, there are a few things you should think about and do before you present your hard work to someone else.

Tips for Baby Knitting
Baby knitting projects are always popular, running the range from basic to sophisticated, using every kid of fiber and construction method out there. How can you choose the best baby knitting patterns for your situation?

Knitting for Preemies
Knitting for premature babies isn't the same as knitting for term babies, only in smaller sizes. Check out these tips for successful knitting for preemies, whether the child is your own or you're knitting for charity.

Knitting for Pets
Knitting for pets can be a lot of fun, but there are some important things you should keep in mind to make sure that your projects are safe and useful for the animals involved.

What is the State of the Knitting Business Like?
Knitting and related fiber crafts might not exactly be recession proof, but they do seem to be weathering the economic storm relatively well. Plus, a discussion of local yarn shops versus online stores and what's best for the industry at large.

Tips for Teaching Knitting
Almost every knitter gets called on to teach someone else how to knit at some time in their lives. Here are some tips for teaching knitting to people of all ages

How to Teach Children to Knit - Tips for Teaching Children to Knit
Readers offer tips on how best to teach children how to knit and things that might have worked for them when teaching kids to knit.

Teaching Children to Knit
Teaching children to knit can be a wonderful bonding experience, or it can be full of frustration. Like other things we try to teach children, the child's attitude and level of development play a big role in whether we'll be successful.

How to Host a Yarn Swap
Get some new yarn in your stash without going to the store by hosting a yarn swap.

Where Do You Shop - On Local Knitting Stores Versus Online Knitting S…
Do you shop at your local yarn shop every time you need supplies, or do you rely on a craft superstore or an online shop more often? Share your thoughts on local versus online knitting shops and how you use both.

Interview with Kollage Yarns' Susan Moraca
The company behind the famous square knitting needles has moved their production to the United States. Learn more about these fun needles and why you might want to try them.

Interview with Knitwear Desinger Deborah Newton
Deborah Newton is a prolific and well-respected knitwear designer who wrote the book on knitwear design and another fabulous volume on finishing knits.

Interview with Sandra McIver
Sandra McIver talks about her inspiration for Knit, Swirl and how she came to self-publish her popular and innovative knitting book.

Interview with Knit, Crochet and Yarn Designer Vickie Howell
Vickie Howell is a busy mom of three, a crafter in knitting, crochet and beyond and the brains behind the Stitch. Rock. Love. yarn line by Caron. Learn more about her inspiration and what it takes to make a yarn from scratch.

Interview with Knitwear Designer Kristin Nicholas
Kristin Nicholas is known for her bold use of color in knitwear designs. In this interview, learn about why color knitting is such a passion for her and how you can become a little more comfortable with adding color to your own projects.

Interview with Knit and Crochet Designer Nicky Epstein
Nicky Epstein is renowned for her knitting and crochet designs. She took some time to talk to us about her inspiration, her style and which craft she likes best.

Interview with Hannah Kearney, Knitting Olympian
Hannah Kearney, a 2006 and 2010 Olympian for Team USA in freestyle skiing, is also a knitter. Read more about how she fits knitting into her training schedule and how she got interested in knitting.

Interview with Laurie Perry, aka Crazy Aunt Purl
Laurie Perry, better known as Crazy Aunt Purl, talks about her books, favorite designers and a new knitting resolution.

Interweave Knits (IK)
Interweave Knits, also sometimes known online as IK or just Knits, is one of the most popular knitting magazines out there. Learn more about its history and how you can subscribe.

How to Form a Knitting Group
Joining a knitting group is a great way to get yourself to knit more and to meet other people who share your passion. But what if you can't find a local knitting group? Here are some tips on starting your own knitting group.

What is Ravelry?
If you read a lot of knitting blogs you probably already know about Ravelry, but if you haven't heard of this fun community, you'll want to know about it.

Websites for Men Who Knit
More and more men are taking up needles, but many of the resources out there are geared toward female knitters. Here's a list of knitting sites and blogs designed with men in mind.

How Do I Start a Prayer Shawl Ministry?
If you're inspired to start your own prayer shawl ministry, you might not know exactly how to start. Here are some ideas to get your prayer shawl group running smoothly.

We Had a Problem Processing Your Nomination for the Readers' Choice Awards
We Had a Problem Processing Your Nomination for the Readers' Choice Awards

Airline Travel Knitting Stories - Share Stories about Knittin…
Readers share their stories -- positive and negative -- about knitting on airplanes and knitting in airports.

You Know You're a Knitaholic When - Readers Share Stories of Knitting…
Sometimes knitting is just a hobby, or something to do to pass the time, but for other people or at other times, knitting becomes an obsession. Here, readers share stories about how they knew they were knitaholics.

Elizabeth Zimmermann
Elizabeth Zimmermann is so well-known among knitters that she's often known online simply by her initials EZ. Learn more about Elizabeth Zimmermann and what makes her such a famous knitter.

How Has Elizabeth Zimmermann Affected Your Knitting? - What Elizabeth…
Elizabeth Zimmermann is a well-known knitting innovator who taught many knitters through the years to be a little bolder and more experimental with our knitting and to trust our own cleverness. Here readers share what Elizabeth Zimmermann means to them.

Thank You for Submitting Your Nomination to the Readers' Choice Awards
Thank You for Submitting Your Nomination to the Readers' Choice Awards

Elizabeth Zimmermann Baby Surprise Jackets
Readers share pictures and the stories behind their Baby Surprise Jackets, a famous pattern by super-knitter Elizabeth Zimmermann.See submissions

Elizabeth Zimmermann Quotes
Elizabeth Zimmermann isn't known as the Opinionated Knitter for nothing. Read some of her most famous quotes.

Interview with Susan B. Anderson
Susan B. Anderson is a lover of small knits, including adorable toys, hats and other goodies for babies. She's also a popular blogger and the winner of the 2012 About.com Knitting Readers' Choice Award for favorite blog.

Interview with Allyson Dykhuizen of Holla Knits
Allyson Dykhuizen is a knitwear designer, teacher, blogger and now publisher of the indie knitting pattern collection known as Holla Knits.

Interview with Jessica Booth of Phat Fiber
Jessica Booth of Phat Fiber is passionate about the indie designer community and wants to share as much of it as she can with as many of the rest of us as is possible.

Seven Reasons to Knit Socks
Are you obsessed with sock knitting? Or maybe you don't see the allure? Here are a few great reasons to get a sock (or a pair!) on your needles.

Why Do You Knit Socks?
Knitters share their reasons for loving to knit socks.

Interview with Kara Gott Warner, Editor of Creative Knitting
Knitting magazine editor Kara Gott Warner shares how she got her awesome job and what she looks for in a good design.

Interview with Knitwear Designer Boo Knits
In this interview with British knitwear designers Boo Knits, readers will learn about how she got started designing and what inspires her.

Interview with Tom and Linda Dyak of DyakCraft Needles
The makers behind DyakCraft needles talk about how they got started in the business and why so many people love their needles.

2011 About.com Knitting Readers' Choice Awards
About.com Knitting's readers picked their favorite wool, cotton and sock knitting yarns as well as favorite knitting needles and best knitting book of 2010 for the 2011 Readers' Choice Awards. Learn more about the winners and decide for yourself if you agree with the winners.

Knitting Readers' Choice Awards Finalists and Voting
Vote for your favorite knitting yarns, needles and books in the 2011 About.com Knitting Readers' Choice Awards from Feb. 11 to March 8, 2011.

2011 Readers' Choice Awards
Tell others what you think about knitting supplies by nominating your favorite yarn, needles and books in the About.com Readers' Choice Awards.

Amy Gunderson Interview
Amy Gunderson designs knit and crochet items for publications and books, and talks to us about fingerless gloves, great designers and more.

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