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Seed Stitch Washcloth with Crocheted Border


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Crocheting the Border
Seed Stitch Washcloth with Crocheted Border

The washcloth with its crocheted border.

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Now that the washcloth is done, you can leave it as is or add a contrasting color border.

  1. With contrasting color, single crochet around the piece, making a stitch for every stitch and every row of the piece. Work three single crochets into each corner. When you get back to where you started, take a slip stitch to join the edges.
  2. Chain 3, skip the first single crochet and work a double crochet into both loops of the next single crochet.
  3. *Chain 1, skip a single crochet, work a double crochet. Repeat from * around, making sure that one stitch is worked in each of the corners.
  4. Make a slip stitch to join the beginning and the end of the round. Cut yarn, slip through the remaining loop, and weave in ends.
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