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Beaded Heart Pillow


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Beading the Heart
Beaded Heart Chart & Key

Beaded Heart Chart & Key - click for larger image.

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The second side of the pillow is made in exactly the same way as the first -- except that a small heart motif is worked in beads. The motif can be placed anywhere -- just choose your spot and work the chart shown above. For small motifs such as this, I prefer to use the "hooking" method of placing beads on individual stitches with a crochet hook, instead of threading them all onto the working yarn at once. I worked it as follows:

  1. When there are 50 stitches, incorporate Bead Heart Chart into work, starting on the right side.
  2. Work 37 (maintaining the increases at each end), work Row 1 of chart, work to end.
  3. Continue to work the chart on RS rows until all the beads have been placed.
  4. Work the "humps" of the heart as for the first side.


Sew the pieces together using mattress stitch, and leave a small opening at the bottom.

Stuff the pillow with polyester fiberfill, then sew the pillow closed.

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