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Mason Jar Cozy


Classic Cozy
Seed Stitch Mason Jar Cozy

This Seed Stitch Mason Jar Cozy works whether you want to drink out of your jar or use it to organize your knitting needles.

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I live in the south, so Mason jars are all over the place. We give gifts in them, we use them to drink out of, we use them for candle holders.

No matter how you use your mason jar, this little cozy is a great way to make it slightly cuter. It takes just a little bit of cotton yarn and some time to make an adorable cozy to keep sweat of your hands when you drink from the jar or to make your desk organization a little cuter.


  • about 32 yards medium weight cotton yarn (I used Classic Elite Yarns Mesa in Cacti)
  • pair of size 8 US (5 mm) knitting needles
  • scissors and yarn needle


Gauge is not critical but I got 17 stitches and 22 rows per 4 inches (4.25 stitches and 5.5 rows per inch) in Seed Stitch.


Finished cover is 4 inches tall and 8.5 inches around; to fit a wide-mouthed mason jar. Stop knitting when your piece is about an inch shorter than the jar you want to cover is around.

Knitting the Mason Jar Cozy:

  1. Cast on 18 stitches.
  2. Work in Seed Stitch as follows: Row 1, *knit 1, purl 1. Repeat from * across. Row 2: *purl 1, knit 1. Repeat from * across.
  3. Continue in pattern until piece measures about 8.5 inches around for a wide-mouth jar or an inch shorter than your jar is around.
  4. Bind off in pattern.
  5. Sew the cast on and the bound off edges together.
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