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Olympic Rings


Olympic Rings.

Olympic Rings.

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Ring Around the Games:

It's fun to make crafts that are related to current events, and whenever the Olympic Games are coming up, you're sure to see lots of ideas for projects involving those iconic rings.

This free knitting pattern shows the rings knit onto a square that could be used in a patchwork afghan. It might be a fun addition to a patchwork blanket for a baby being born this year, or for many other projects.


To make the square, you will need:

  • about 120 yards white (or background color of your choice) sportweight yarn (I used Red Heart Sport)
  • one pair size 8 US needles
  • scissors
  • yarn needle
  • about five yards each of sportweight yarn in blue, black, red, yellow and green
  • the Olympic ring chart


18 stitches and 26 rows per 4 inches (4.5 stitches and 6.5 rows per inch) in Stockinette Stitch. Gauge is not critical.


Finished sample size is 13 inches square, but you can knit to the size you like. The rings are 10 inches long and 3.5 inches tall.


  1. Cast on 60 stitches.
  2. Work in Garter Stitch for four rows.
  3. Work in Stockinette Stitch until piece measures about 12.25 inches. Keep the first four and last four stitches of each row in Garter Stitch.
  4. Knit four more rows in Garter Stitch. Bind off, cut yarn and weave in ends.
  5. Find the center of your knit piece by folding it in half and in half again. This will help you center the ring pattern.
  6. To work the rings, use duplicate stitch and the colored chart to work each color in turn.
  7. When you're finished, weave in the ends.
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