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Knitting Needle Vase


Knitting Needle Vase

Knitting Needle Vase.

Sarah White

In its Place:

If you've been a knitter for any length of time, you know how easy it is to accumulate a large collection of knitting needles. Before long, you'll start to wonder what you should do with them when you're not using them.

Sure, you could put them in a drawer, but why not keep them always at the ready and display your knitting prowess by knitting a little "vase" to store some of your needles?


  • 40 yards Tahki Bunny Print or similar heavy-weight wool blend yarn (I used color 033)
  • one set of four size 8 US double-pointed needles
  • scissors
  • yarn needle
  • empty canister measuring about 8.5 inches around and 5 inches tall (see "About the Project" below for details)


18 stitches and 25 rows per four inches knit in round.


Finished size is about 9 inches around and 5.5 inches tall.


  1. Cast on 40 stitches. Distribute stitches among three needles (13 on the first two, 14 on the third).
  2. Join in the round, being careful not to twist stitches. Put a marker before the last stitch.
  3. Knit every row until piece measures 5 inches, or the height of your container.
  4. Knit two together (k2tog) at the beginning and end of each needle every other row until you have 22 stitches. Knit next row.
  5. K2tog across, moving stitches as needed so you have 11 stitches on two needles.
  6. K2tog across, knit the last stitch (6 stitches).
  7. Cut yarn, leaving a tail. Thread needle and slip stitches onto it. Pull tight and weave in ends.

About the Project:

This quick-to-knit project is supported by an empty canister that used to be filled with tea bags. If you're not a tea drinker or don't happen to have a similarly sized container on hand, just cut a piece of paperboard or card stock to the dimensions and slide it in.

Since needles can be heavy, you may find your vase a little wobbly if the weight of needles isn't evenly distributed. To fix this, tape a couple of washers or similar metal objects to the bottom of your canister.

This project could also be used to hold pens, pencils, art supplies, crochet hooks or anything else you like.

About the Yarn:

Tahki Yarn's Bunny Print is a 50 percent merino wool, 25 percent alpaca, 25 percent acrylic yarn made in Italy. It is sold in 50 gram balls that provide 81 yards of yarn.

Bunny Print is available in 10 color blends. Also available is Bunny Paint, which has rather muted colors, and Bunny, which is a collection of 15 solids.

It is hand washable and may be lightly ironed.

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