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Two-Color Garter Stitch Washcloth


Two-color Garter Stitch Washcloth

Two-color Garter Stitch Washcloth.

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Color Ease:

Intarsia knitting can be a little intimidating to some knitters, but an easy project like this Two-Color Garter Stitch Washcloth shows you there's nothing to be afraid of.

All you have to remember is that the yarns need to be twisted together every time you change colors; otherwise you'll have two separate pieces of knitting on your needles!


  • about 15 yards each of two different colors of medium-weight cotton or cotton-blend yarn (I used Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Terracotta and Stone)
  • one pair size 8 US (5 mm) knitting needles
  • tape measure, scissors and yarn needle


Gauge is not critical, but I got about 17 stitches and 34 rows per 4 inches (4.25 stitches and 8.5 rows per inch) in Garter Stitch.


10 inches square.


  1. Using your first color, cast on 21 stitches. Using your second color, cast on 21 stitches.
  2. Work in Garter Stitch, changing colors and twisting the yarns together at the middle of the work as you go, for 5 inches.
  3. Cut yarn, leaving a long tail, and change the order of the colors. Continue to work in Garter Stitch and twist the yarns together at the middle of each row. Work 5 inches in the new color configuration.
  4. Bind off, using the same colors you were working with on the same stitches.
  5. Cut yarn and weave in ends, making sure you secure the pieces to each other at the cast on edge.

Tip on Twisting the Yarns:

Typically in intarsia the yarn is always twisted on the wrong side of the work so the picture or color block you are knitting comes out nice and crisp. While you can certainly do that here, I consistently twisted my yarn at the back side of the work regardless of which side of the knitting was facing me.

That makes for a dashed line between the two colors, which is a look I happen to like (you can see it up close in the second picture linked above).

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