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Bring a new look into your home with knitting projects ranging from pillows to washcloths and hotpads to napkin rings.

Fair Isle Bottle Cozy
This quick-to-knit bottle cozy is a great first Fair Isle knitting project because it's a small project worked in the round, making the pattern easier to follow. It uses a classic design and is a very useful project if you ever drink from bottles.

Seed Stitch Washcloth with Crocheted Border
This easy Seed Stitch washcloth adds a little more interest with a crocheted border in a contrasting color that's easy enough for even new crocheters to tackle.

Pink Ribbon Washcloth
Show your support for the cause of breast cancer awareness throughout your home by knitting up some washcloths with an awareness ribbon motif. Knit in different colors it could show your support for any number of causes.

Sun Washcloth
This sunny washcloth is a great way to use a bit of colorful yarn. The sun motif, worked in Reverse Stockinette, couldn't be easier and gives the washcloth a little more scrubbing power.

Felted Waldorf Color Cups
These felted cups are inspired by projects that might be used in a Waldorf or Montessori setting, but you can use them anywhere to add a colorful touch.

Canada Coaster
This cute Canadian maple leaf coaster is a play on the Canadian flag and makes a great decorative and useful item for Canada Day or hockey season, no matter where you live.

America Star Coasters
These America-inspired coasters feature white stars on red or blue backgrounds. They take almost no time at all to knit up and would be a great addition to any summer table, particularly around the Fourth of July.

Bottle or Can Cozy
When it's hot outside in particular its so much more pleasant when your beverage isn't sweating all over your hands. This super quick to knit bottle or can cozy will help keep your hands dry without warming up your drink too much.

Wine Bottle Cozy
A wine bottle cozy is a great way to give a bottle of wine as a gift, along with a gift that's a little more lasting, and they're also a big help when transporting bottles of wine.

Two-Color Coffee Cup Cozy
This easy two-color Coffee Cup Cozy is a great holiday gift if worked in seasonal colors, or it can be made in team colors or any two colors you like for a quick, easy and useful gift any time of year.

Intarsia Apron
This cute cotton apron is easy to knit up and includes just a bit of intarsia on the pocket to keep things interesting. Follow the chart to stitch in a cute robot, or choose a motif you like to add jazz to a kitchen and crafting staple.

Fisherman's Rib Washcloth
Knit a quick and easy washcloth in Brioche Rib to make cleaning chores a little more fun or to use to scrub your body in the shower.

Shamrock Basket Liner
This versatile and easy knitting pattern that includes a shamrock works as a bread basket liner or a small placemat. Because the shamrock is subtle you can use this piece around St. Patrick's Day or throughout the year.

Bamboo Stitch Table Runner
This easy cotton knit table runner worked in the bamboo stitch is a great accessory for the table for Thanksgiving or any special meal, or even for everyday. The three colors make it more interesting to knit and to use.

Striped Pillow
Combining two colors, two different kinds of yarn and two stitch patterns (Stockinette and Reverse Stockinette) makes for a basic but interesting pillow that's perfect for any decor.

Knit Tinsel
Knit tinsel is a fun way to add your love of knitting to your holiday decor. This quick and easy project can keep going on forever -- large enough to decorate a large tree -- or you can knit a smaller piece for your fireplace, to put around a door, or wherever you want it.

American Flag Placemat
A simple Garter Stitch American flag placemat is a great table decoration for Memorial Day, Labor Day, the Fourth of July or really any summer gathering.

Olympic Rings
Whenever the Olympics come around, it's fun to knit projects incorporating the famous rings. This project shows them knit in duplicate stitch on a square that could be used as part of an afghan, or you can take the chart and use it on any project you like.

Washcloth Knitting Patterns
I know a lot of knitters who really enjoy knitting washcloths and dishcloths. They're usually quick, easy projects made with inexpensive materials, so it's easy to see why so many knitters like them.

Loopy Washcloth
Loop stitch is a fun way to make a loopy fabric sort of like you might see on bathmats, and it's a good way to embellish a washcloth to make it work more like a bath sponge.

Double Basket Stitch Basket Liner
Double basket stitch is a fun stitch pattern with a lot of texture. Why not knit it up into a great big dishcloth or liner for a basket?

Feather and Fan Dishcloth
This Feather and Fan dishcloth is super-easy to knit and a great first lace project because it's knit on rather large needles.

Cabled Pillow
Knit pillows are a lot of fun and a great way to decorate your home that tells everyone who visits about your favorite hobby. This cute little cabled pillow is a quick knit with great texture that's perfect as an accent in any room of the house.

Bias Knit Washcloth
This super-easy Christmas-colored washcloth makes a cheerful addition to any kitchen or bathroom. Or knit up a couple in different colors and add them to a holiday gift of bath items.

Felted Hot Pad
Hot pads are incredibly useful items to have in the kitchen, whether you're pulling something out of the oven or serving something hot on the table. Using a felted hot pad means you've got something nice, thick and heat resistant that you can knit up in no time.

Felted Fall Place Mat
Felting is a perfect addition to knitting for fall accessories. This felted placemat is generously sized and (if knit with the same yarn I used) is reminiscent of fall leaves or an autumn sunset.

Pumpkin Washcloth
This pumpkin washcloth is a breeze to knit, since it just involves garter stitch, stockinette stitch, and knitting or purling on the opposite side to make the jackolantern image.

Knitting Needle Vase
This easy project allows you to display and organize some of your knitting needles in a knitterly fashion with a knit knitting needle "vase."

Harry Potter Knit Bookmark
This quick to knit bookmark is knit in a color used in the house scarves in the Harry Potter movies, but knit in any color, this is a great and useful quick project.

Broken Rib Washcloth
Broken rib is an easy and lovely knitting stitch pattern that makes a quick-to-knit, easy knitted washcloth pattern.

Cabled Napkin Rings
Cabled napkin rings bring a sweet look to any table. Knit in cotton, they can look formal or informal, depending on the rest of the table setting.

Checkerboard Hot Pad
This two-colored checkerboard hot pad is super-thick because of the stranded knitting on the inside and the double layer of knitting. This easy free knitting pattern is quick to knit and very useful.

Color Block Pillow
Large blocks of color make it easy to learn the technique of knitting with blocks of color known as intarsia.

Dropped Stitch Soap Sack
This soap sack knitting pattern is a fun housewarming gift or part of a spa set for a friend who needs a pick-me-up (or for yourself).

Easy Stockinette Stitch Washcloth
Washcloths and dish towels are a lot of fun to make. They are quick projects and completely useful. This stockinette stitch washcloth has a seed stitch border to keep it from curling.

Garter Stitch Eyelet Washcloth
This free knitting pattern for a garter stitch eyelet washcloth is a great addition to a luxurious spa gift or a wonderful bathtime accessory for you and your family.

Mistake Rib Dishcloth
Mistake rib is an easy and attractive knitting stitch pattern that looks great on simple home knits like this dish cloth.

Spring-Colored Felted Bowl
This quick knitting, spring-colored felted bowl is an easy first felting project and a perfect little bowl to hold yarn or give as a gift.

Slip Stitch Honeycomb Pot Holder
This double-layer pot holder knit with the Slip Stitch Honeycomb stitch is easy to knit and makes a very thick pad to help protect your table. Knit it in two colors for more interest.

Andalusian Stitch Napkin
This two-color napkin knit in Andalusian Stitch is an easy way to make napkins for a nice dinner or for everyday use. Worked in organic cotton as shown, it's also easier on the planet than a conventionally produced cotton napkin would be.

Two-Color Garter Stitch Washcloth
This simple two-color Garter Stitch washcloth is a great way to learn the intarsia knitting technique. You can whip one up in no time, and the scrubby surface is great for doing dishes or washing yourself.

Knit Mop Cover
This easy Garter Stitch Knit Mop Cover is a super-quick knit and a useful project if you use a wet mop with disposable pads to clean your floors.

Entrelac Cozy Kindle Cover - Free Knitting Pattern for an Entrelac Cozy...
This dazzling Entrelac Kindle Cover is the perfect way to protect your ebook reader from scratches and drops.

Houndstooth Kindle Cozy
Use two-color stranded knitting and a simple pattern to make a striking ebook reader cover with a double layer of protection for your precious electronics in this free Houndstooth Kindle Cozy knitting pattern.

Checkerboard iPhone Cozy
This free knitting pattern for an iPhone cozy includes a basic pattern of alternating Stockinette and Garter Stitch blocks, adding lots of texture to a quick pattern without a lot of work.

Heart Washcloth - Free Knitting Pattern for a Heart Washcloth
This Heart Washcloth is easy to work in Moss Stitch and Double Moss Stitch and is a great project for Valentine's Day or any time of year.

Loofah Scrubbing Strap - Free Knitting Pattern for a Loofah Scrubbing Strap
This hemp Loofah Scrubbing Strap is the perfect accessory for exfoliating your back.

Beaded Heart Pillow - Free Knitting Pattern for a Beaded Heart Pillow
This cute heart shaped pillow is further adorned by a simple beaded heart worked while you're knitting.

Tumbling Shamrocks Chart - Free Knitting Pattern for Tumbling Shamrocks Chart.
This Tumbling Shamrocks chart is a great way to embellish a washcloth, sweater or other items for St. Patrick's Day.

Shamrock Washcloth - Free Knitting Pattern for a Shamrock Washcloth
Knit up a large Shamrock Washcloth to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and beyond.

Fleur de Lis Washcloth
This easy Fleur de Lis Washcloth was inspired by Mardi Gras, but it's a great addition to your cleaning arsenal any time of year.

Little Check Washcloth
This easy chenille washcloth is worked in a basic textured pattern, Little Check Stitch, which is mostly Reverse Stockinette Stitch with boxes of Stockinette interspersed on the fabric.

Spring Chicken
This Spring Chicken Washcloth knitting pattern makes a simple cotton washcloth or dishcloth decorated with a hatching chick, with a pattern using stockinette, reverse stockinette, and moss stitch.

Stockinette Stripes Coaster
This easy Stockinette Stripes Coaster is quick enough to whip up that you can make a bunch in colors for your next party, for the 4th of July or any other summer entertaining you're planning.

Garter Stitch Stripes Coaster
This easy Garter Stitch Stripes Coaster is great for gripping the bottom of a glass and holding all the condensation that drips off your beverage. Knit in red, white and blue or any three colors you like for some festive flair for your table.

Mock Cable Ribbed Washcloth
This easy Mock Cable Ribbed Washcloth is a great way to try out mock cables and produces a washcloth that looks good on both sides.

Little Knit Basket
This adorable little basket is a super-quick knit you can use to hold Easter candy or to brighten your desk throughout the year.

Patriotic Bunting
Knit up a cute and easy bunting in red, white and blue to celebrate any patriotic holiday, or make a different color for another celebration.

Chevron Washcloth
This chevron pattern is easy to work on washcloth you can knit up and use the same day.

Zpagetti Washcloth
Take a little T-shirt yarn and a few minutes of knitting and you'll have a great heavy-duty scrubber to help with cleaning projects.

Zpagetti Knit Bowl
Knit this basket with a recycled yarn and have a cute place to store a little yarn, too.

Rice Stitch Washcloth
This easy washcloth features Rice Stitch, a fun stitch pattern worked with twisted stitches for extra texture.

Knit Dreidel
This knit dreidel is a lot of fun to make and adds a little handmade touch to your Hanukkah decor.

Two-Color Moss Stitch Pot Holder
Play with 2-color Moss Stitch on this bright, cheerful and easy pot holder project.

Quaker Rib Pillow
Knit a big pillow cover quick with this easy project that uses bulky yarn and a simple stitch pattern.

Fabric Knit Heart
Use fun fabric "yarn" to knit a heart shape that can be used to decorate a pillow or bag.

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