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One + One Hats

Taking Hats Up a Skein

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One + One Hats

One + One Hats by Iris Schreier.

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Hats are usually great one-skein projects, because it just doesn't take all that much yardage to cover a head. But when you add another skein, you can make the hat bigger, add colorwork, shine or texture that you might not be able to get with just one.

That's the philosophy behind Iris Scherier's One + One Hats: 30 Projects from Just Two Skeins. These projects often combine two different yarns -- or two colors of the same yarn -- to bring more texture and interest to a project than could be derived using just one skein.

About the Book

  • Pages: 132
  • Format: paperback
  • Number of patterns: 30
  • Skill level: 6 patterns are rated easy, 21 for intermediate knitters and 3 for those with more experience
  • Illustrations: full-color photographs
  • Knitting lessons: 12 pages of techniques, illustrated with drawings, cover beyond-basic skills needed for the patterns
  • Publication date: November 2012

The Patterns

The book is arranged in general categories based on the components of the design: simple stitches, lace, stranded colorwork and slipped stitches, cables and bobbles, side-to-side and bias knit projects, and double knit projects.

The projects are roughly in skill level order because of this arrangement, which makes it easy to find a pattern if you're a newer knitter or looking for a challenge.

Designers including Melissa Morgan-Oakes, Annie Modesitt, Wooly Wormhead and Alasdair Post-Quinn, among many others, offer their takes on hats, cats, berets, headbands, snoods and more.

Schreier is the owner of luxury yarn company ArtYarns, and all of the projects use her yarns. Way, way in the back there's a substitution chart that suggests different Lion Brand yarns you might use in place of hers should you want to, but your projects wouldn't quite be the same since a lot of her yarns have beads or sequins in them and the Lion yarns don't.

Worked in the luxury yarns these projects are beautiful, and there are several that caught my eye:

  • Eleganza, a simple hat with stripes work in a yarn embellished with mohair and sequins (the feather, I'm sure, is optional)
  • the Drawstring Hat with a Little Splash, which uses a silk and mohair blend along with a strand that has glass beads and sequins; it features a feathery lace pattern and can be worn as a hat,snood or cowl
  • the Silk Cloche, a simple, close-fitting eyelet hat worked with glass beads and with the purl side out
  • the Slip Stitch Hat, which uses a silk/cashmere blend and a silk/mohair blend in a sort of smocking pattern over the body of the hat
  • the intriguing Triangular Wedge Hat, worked in tow colors of 100 percent cashmere yarn in triangular wedges
  • and of course the stunning Shuti from Post-Quinn, which features a lace pattern worked in double knitting for a hat that can be worn several different ways

Bottom Line

If you love hats (and are or knit for a woman) you're sure to find some interesting things to knit in this great collection. I kind of like that all the projects are little luxuries, but it's probably not realistic to expect the average person to spend $80 to $100 or more on yarn for a hat (that figure comes from a quick search for that cashmere yarn used in the triangular hat).

Of course if you did use the yarn called for you would have a hat both lovely to look at and to wear, something that would make the winter months a little more bearable if not actually enjoyable.

Publisher's website

Projects on Ravelry

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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