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Slouchy Hat


Slouchy Hat.

Slouchy Hat.

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Easy Comfort:

The Slouchy Hat is the perfect choice for weekends and days when you're taking it easy. This simple hat is jazzed up by funky yarn and has a nice, relaxed feel.

Try knitting this hat a size larger than normal if you have a lot of hair, then just tuck your hair inside for extra protection from the elements.

Instructions are given for the small size, with medium and large in parentheses.


  • 55 yards of a bulky-weight acrylic/polyamide blend (I used half a skein of Yarn Bee Italia in color 005, Tuscany, but this yarn has been discontinued)
  • one set size 11 US circular needles, 16 inch cable
  • one set size 11 US double-pointed needles (or use a second set of circulars to knit in the round
  • stitch marker
  • scissors
  • yarn needle


Three and a half stitches and four rows per inch in stockinette stitch in the round. Take time to check your gauge.


Sample is 21 inches around and 8 inches tall and would fit a large woman. The small size noted in the instructions would give you a hat around 19 inches, while the medium would be around 20 inches.


  1. Cast on 60 (64, 68) stitches.
  2. Join in the round, being careful not to twist stitches. Place a marker if desired.
  3. Knit in knit 2, purl 2 ribbing for 2 inches.
  4. Knit in stockinette stitch until piece measures 6 inches from the beginning.
  5. On the next row, *knit two, knit two together. Repeat from * across. 45 (48, 51) stitches.
  6. Next row, *knit one, k2tog. Repeat from * across. 30 (32, 34) stitches.
  7. *Knit 1, k2tog. Repeat from * across. (Medium, end k2; large end K1). 20 (22, 23) stitches.
  8. K2tog across. (Large end K1.) 10 (11, 12) stitches.
  9. K2tog across. (Med. end K1.) 5 (5, 6) stitches.


As you decrease, remember to switch to your double-pointed needles or knitting with two circulars when there are no longer enough stitches to stretch across your single circular.

When you've reduced down to five or six stitches, break the yarn, leaving a few inches. Thread the yarn onto a yarn needle and weave it through the remaining stitches, sliding them off the needle as you go.

Pull tight to make the top of the hat. Weave in ends.

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