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Sewing the Lining into the Bag
knit bag lining

The lining hand sewn into the knit bag.

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Now the lining itself is finished, and all you have to do to line your knit bag is turn the lining right side in (so the pretty side of the fabric is visible when you use your bag), pin the lining to your bag and use your hand-sewing needle to sew the fabric lining into place.

If you have gussets on your bag, that's the easiest place to start pining; just mark the center of the side of the lining and the center of the side of the bag and go from there.

You can use thread that either coordinates with the fabric or with the bag if the colors are not the same, but it's simpler to use the same thread you used to sew the seams on the lining rather than go hunting for another color.

Remember, too, that if you're leaving room to sew in a zipper or add straps that you don't want the lining to be sewn to the very edge of the bag.

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