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Line a Knit Purse


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Measuring and Cutting
knit bag lining

Materials and cut out pieces for a knit bag lining.

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Lining a knit purse is a great way to make a knit purse more useful because you don't have to worry about items falling out or poking through holes in the knitting. It's not too difficult to add lining to a knit purse, even if you have only basic sewing skills.

Here's what you'll need to get started:

  • Finished knit bag
  • Enough fabric to cover
  • tape measure or yard stick
  • scissors and/or a rotary cutter, ruler and mat
  • sewing machine and matching thread
  • iron
  • straight pins
  • hand-sewing needle

To begin, measure your finished knit bag so you'll know what size your fabric lining needs to be. Add a half inch to all sides of all measurements for seam allowances.

Using your scissors or a rotary cutter, cut out all the pieces. In this case I have one long piece for the body and two pieces for side gussets.

You may want to take a little length off your body pieces if, for instance, you want to sew in a zipper as well or need a place to attach a strap or handles to the bag that needs to be attached after the lining is sewn in.

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