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Sew in a Zipper


Zipper on a pillowcase.

A zipper installed on a pillowcase.

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Adding a zipper to a knitting project gives it a more finished look. Whether you want to use a zipper for convenience on a child's jacket instead of buttons or want to add one to a pillow so you can remove the pillow form, there are all sorts of ways to use zippers in knitting.

Once you see how easy it is to sew a zipper onto a knitting project, you'll be looking for excuses to incorporate them.

Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 45 minutes to an hour

Here's How:

  1. With the zipper closed and the right side of the knitting facing up, pin one side of the zipper to the project, so that the knitting covers as much of the fabric part of the zipper as possible.
  2. Using matching thread, sew the zipper to the project from the front, placing your stitches as close to the zipper mechanism as you can, and taking care to make your stitches as invisible as possible.
  3. Pin the second side of the zipper to the second side of the project in the same manner, unzipping the zipper if necessary.
  4. Sew this side from the front in the same way as before.
  5. Open the zipper if you haven't already and turn the project inside out. Now sew the zipper flaps to the project, again trying to make your stitches invisible.
  6. Be sure to tack down the ends of the zipper as well.
  7. Enjoy your new zipper.


  1. When pinning the zipper to your work, start at the top of the zipper. That way if the zipper you purchased is too long (there are instructions for fixing this on the zipper package) you don't have to repin.
  2. Make small stitches. It's important for your zipper to be installed firmly.

What You Need

  • A zipper that coordinates with your project and is the right size.
  • Matching sewing thread.
  • A sewing needle.
  • Scissors.
  • Straight pins.
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