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Finishing Touches for Knitting

Learn about finishing techniques and add-ons that can make your knitting projects look great.

How to Finish Your Knitting
A rundown of all the things you might need to do in order to call your knitting project truly finished, as well as tips on how to keep it looking great for years to come.

Blocking Lace
Blocking is an essential step in any lace knitting project. It can be tedious, but you have to do it in order for your lace to look its best.

How to Block Socks
Blocking socks usually isn't really necessary, but sometimes it is helpful for lace knitting. Here's how to block socks if you want to.

Crochet Tips for Knitters - Knitters Share Tips on Learning to Crochet
Knitting and crochet often go together, but if you're not a knitter who crochets, or you aren't sure how you might use crochet in your knitting projects, check out these tips from readers to learn more about crochet.

Twisted Cord
A twisted cord is an interesting way to finish a knitting project, whether you need a cord to use as a tie, a handle or for some other sort of embellishment.

Machine Sewing Hand Knits
Most of the time I wouldn't recommend machine sewing hand knit pieces together, but there are times when it can come in really handy, as when you're sewing swatches of different sizes, yarn weights and gauges together into a sampler project.

Knit a Border on an Afghan
Knitting a border onto an afghan or blanket after you've worked the main body is a great way to add cohesion and a literal border around your work. Knitting a border is not difficult, but on a big piece it can take some time.

Feather Stitch
Feather stitch is a great little embellishment you can add to your knitting project once it's done to give it a little pizazz. The stitches look sort of like branches or a vine trailing across your knitting, and they can nicely be paired with other embroidery stitches for a layered look.

Lazy Daisy Stitch
The lazy daisy is a really easy stitch that you can use to embellish many different types of knitting projects. If you finish something and find the look a little plain, some well placed lazy daisy flowers will perk up your project quick.

Make a French Knot
French knots are a quick and easy embellishment for your knitting that are often used as the centers of embroidered flowers or just to add a bit of texture to plain knitting.

Single Crochet Around a Knitting Project
Even if you aren't skilled at crochet, you can use a simple single crochet to make a decorative border on a knitting project.

Sew a Pillow Form
One of the great things about knitting home decor items is that you can make them any size and design you want. But if you can't find a pillow form in the shape of the pillow of your dreams, you'll have to make one yourself.

Sew in a Zipper
Adding a zipper to a knitting project can be very convenient, as when you want to be able to wash a pillow cover without the pillow form inside or to use a zipper instead of buttons on a cardigan. The good news is it's really easy to sew in a zipper

Mattress Stitch
Mattress stitch is a very easy and sharp-looking way to join two pieces of stockinette stitch into a virtually seamless whole.

What to Call Your Knitting Project
Is it a scarf or a shawl? A wrap or a poncho? Does it matter? What to call your finished knitting project can depend on how you wear it.

Weaving in Ends
Weaving in ends is a necessary part of any knitting project. A lot of knitters don't like these finishing tasks, but they are necessary if you want a knitted item that looks good and is going to last.

How to Block Knitting
Blocking knitting is a great way to smooth out imperfections in your knitting, to make pieces uniform in size and to make garments look and fit better. Learn how to block your knitting and enjoy better looking projects.

How to Make Tassels
Making tassels for knitting projects is a fun and easy way to embellish projects, making them a little more special and interesting than they might be otherwise. Here's a really quick way to make tassels for any project.

How to Make Pom-Poms
Pom-poms are a fun finishing touch to hats, scarves, and other knitting projects. Here's a quick and easy way to make your own pom-poms.

Line a Knit Purse
Adding a fabric lining to a knit purse is a great way to add stability and make the project a bit more useful. A few simple measurements and a little time are all you need to line a knit purse.

Seaming Garter Stitch
Mattress stitch or seaming on Garter Stitch is not difficult, you just need to know where to put your needle to make it look its best.

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