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Felted Box


Felted Box

A felted box used for yarn storage.

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Felted Storage:

If you've ever made felted swatches for projects and then wondered what to do with them, this easy felted box is a great project.

If you already have five swatches on hand that are more or less the same size, it will probably take you less than an hour to make up this box. Making swatches from scratch will take longer but you'll still have a fun, colorful and useful project without a lot of time invested.


  • five firmly felted swatches around 7 inches square, or size of your choice
  • fabric scissors
  • a big eyed but sharp sewing needle
  • a bit of medium weight yarn, color of your choice, for sewing (I used brown)


  1. If necessary, cut pieces so they are all the same size and shape.
  2. Start with two pieces held right sides out. Thread your needle with a length of yarn and sew the two pieces together at the edge, looping the yarn over the edge as you go.
  3. Continue stitching the pieces together piece by piece in a way that seems logical to you (I started with two sides, then added the bottom, then another side and so on).

If your felted pieces are not incredibly firm the edges of the box will be a little wobbly. If that bothers you, try inserting some plastic canvas into the box for more stability.

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