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Needle Felting Instructions


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Gather Needle Felting Supplies
Needle Felting Supplies

Supplies for needle felting.

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Needle felting is a quick and easy way to add embellishment to plain felted knitting. From simple lines like this tutorial shows to shapes and more complex designs, needle felting is a great way to add a little more interest to plain felting.

What needle felting does is fuse another layer of fiber (be it wool roving, wool yarn, or another piece of felt) onto the base fiber or felted fabric. The same technique can be used to make felted shapes, but for our purposes as knitters working the fiber into a base fabric is the most common use.

To begin needle felting you'll need to gather a few supplies, all of which should be available at your local craft store:

  • a needle felting brush or piece of foam (I prefer the brush), which allows the needles to go through the fiber and beyond without damaging the needles or the surface below
  • a needle felting tool, either a single needle or a tool like the one shown, which has four needles inside a plastic sleeve
  • wool roving in various colors, or wool yarn or cut out pieces of felt
  • a felted swatch to practice on or your piece of felted knitting
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