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Knitting Stitch Patterns A to C

Browse our collection of knitting stitches starting with stitch patterns that have names starting with the letters A through C.

Andalusian Stitch
Andalusian stitch is a very easy knitting stitch pattern than is mostly stockinette stitch with a row of knits and purls thrown in. This gives the knit fabric a textured, tweedy look that is nice.

Aran Honeycomb
Aran Honeycomb, also known as a Chain Cable when only one repeat is knit in an area, is a very cool cabled pattern that gives a honeycomb look to your knitted fabric. Learn to knit the Aran Honeycomb.

Arrowhead Lace
Arrowhead Lace is a lovely knitting stitch that makes a bold V shape (like an arrowhead) surrounded by eyelets of various sizes. This would be a great pattern for a simple shawl or any other lacy thing you'd want to knit.

Bamboo Stitch
Bamboo stitch is an interesting but relatively easy knitting stitch that involves slipping a yarn over over two knit stitches, making an interesting texture.

Basketweave Stitch
Basketweave stitch is a fun knitting stitch pattern that comes in several different variations that look like woven fabric.

Beaded Rib
Beaded Rib is a lovely variation on ribbing that features little purl "beads" between columns of knit stitches. It's easy to work up and great to use wherever you'd use ribbing.

Bias Garter Stitch
Knitting garter stitch on the bias gives it a more interesting look than plain-Jane garter stitch. Because it's still all knit stitches, it is a whiz to knit up.

Blanket Rib
Blanket rib makes a very dense, ribbed looking fabric by increasing on one row and decreasing on the next.

Box Stitch
Box stitch is an easy knitting stitch pattern involving a four-row repeat that makes boxes of knits and purls on the fabric.

Braid Cable
The instructions for the Braid Cable look confusing, but it's really an elegant and relatively easy cable pattern once you get the hang of it.

Broken Rib
Broken rib is a fun, easy, slightly feminine knitting stitch pattern that is perfect for beginners.

Butterfly Stitch
Butterfly Stitch is a lovely knitting stitch that involves slipping stitches between lengths of yarn, then working those strands together with a stitch to give them the gathered look of butterfly wings.

Cat's Eye
Cat's Eye lace is a wonderful openwork knitting stitch pattern that's really quick and easy to knit and makes a wonderful stitch for a lacy shawl or scarf.

Cat's Paw/Crown of Glory
Cat's Paw, also known as Crown of Glory, is an interesting stitch pattern that makes giant holes in the fabric, along with smaller eyelets that make the whole thing look like an animal paw or a crown.

Cell Stitch
Cell Stitch is an interesting, some what lacy, but still really easy to knit stitch pattern that would be great for a basic shawl or used allover on a cardigan.

Chain Stripes
Chain stripes is a fun and easy pattern using three different colors -- a background and two chain colors -- to make an interesting textured fabric without a lot of effort.

Checkerboard Stitch
Checkerboard stitch is a combination of two colors of squares alternated to make a checkerboard pattern.

Chevron Stitch
The Chevron is a nice, relatively easy knitting stitch pattern that makes knit zig-zags on a field of purls. The back side is just as good looking as the front.

Cloverleaf Eyelet
Cloverleaf Eyelet is a pretty knitting stitch pattern that will help you learn how to make two basic decreases, knit two together and slip, slip, knit, as you make a cool clover-shaped eyelet pattern.

Colored Rib
Colored rib is not a traditional rib knitting stitch pattern, but it is an easy way to make vertical stripes.

Condo Knitting
Condo knitting is a method that was popular in the 1970s that involved knitting Garter Stitch with two very differently sized needles. A less dramatic style makes a really cool and useful mesh pattern.

Corded Ribbing
Corded ribbing is an interesting textured knitting stitch that is somewhat reminiscent of a cable. It's an old Italian pattern that's nice and firm, without the flexibility of regular ribbing.

Corrugated Rib
Corrugated rib is an easy two-color ribbing in which the knit stitches are worked in one color and the purls in another.

Crossed Stockinette Stitch
Crossed stockinette stitch is a slightly jazzed-up version of regular stockinette stitch in which the knit stitches are knit through the back loop, making a crossed stitch.

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