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Dyeing Yarn with Strawberries


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Dyeing the Yarn
Strawberry Yarn

The yarn dyed with strawberries came out a pretty pink.

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Once the yarn and the water have cooled it's time to dye the yarn with strawberries. You can use the same water you used to mordant the yarn or get fresh if you prefer (or if you're doing this step days later).

Pour the dye into the water, adding more if necessary to cover the yarn. Put the yarn in and stir a little to make sure the yarn is covered.

As before, bring to a boil slowly and allow to simmer for at least an hour (mine went about two), or until the yarn is the color you want or the water has become clear. Because I had more dye than I needed for the amount of yarn I had, the water was still sort of pink when I decided the yarn was done.

Again allow the yarn to cool a bit in the pot before removing. Drain off what water you can, then allow the yarn to dry on a towel.

If desired, you can rinse the yarn first until the water runs clear; this will keep the yarn from running so much should you ever wash it again when it's knit into a project.

After drying, roll back into a ball and use as you would any other yarn!

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