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Zig-Zag Christmas Stocking


Stylish Stocking
Vickie Howell Zig-Zag Christmas Stocking

Vickie Howell's Zig-Zag Christmas Stocking, with a closeup on the pattern stitch at right.

© Vickie Howell.

This gorgeous zig-zag stocking by Vickie Howell has a retro feel thanks to the use of her Sheep(ish) yarn. The wide range of colors available in the line means you're sure to find a couple that will make a great stocking for you. Or knit up a bunch with different colored stripes so your whole family will have matching stockings that don't actually match!


  • 1 ball each Stitch.Rock.Love Sheep(ish) for Bernat in colors (MC) Red(ish) and (CC) Turquoise(ish)
  • one size US 8 (5mm), 16 inch circular knitting needle
  • one set of size US 8 (5mm) double pointed needles
  • yarn needle
  • waste yarn


15 stitches and 32 rows per 4 inches in Garter Stitch


Finished stocking is 8 inches around and 20 inches long

Knitting the Cuff:

Using MC and circular needle, cast on 61. Join, taking care not to twist.

Round 1: Knit.

Round 2: Purl.

These two rows create Garter Stitch, when worked in the round.

Join CC. repeat Rounds 1-2.

Continue as established, working 2-round Garter Stitch stripes, until piece measures 4 inches from edge, ending with CC.

Knitting the Leg:

Round 1: With MC, K2tog, *k4, [k1, YO, k1] into the next st, k4, slip next 2 stitches knitwise, k1, pass 2 slipped stitches over; rep from * to last 2 stitches, k2togtbl.

Round 2: Purl.

These two rounds make the zig-zag pattern stitch.

Repeat Rounds 1-2.

With CC, repeat rounds 1-2.

Continue as established, working rounds 1 & 2 and in a 4 x 2 row striped pattern, until piece measures 12 inches from cast on edge.

Heel Prep Round:

This round you’ll place heel stitches onto waste yarn to be worked later, as follows: Continue as established until last 15 stitches, drop working yarn; join waste yarn and knit to end of round.

Knit the first 15 sts of next round on waste yarn as well. (30 stitches total on hold.)

Drop waste yarn, slide these 30 stitchess back to left hand needle so that you’re back to where you were before you dropped your working yarn. Return to established pattern, working those stitches again.

Continue as established until piece measures 16 1/2 inches from edge, ending with round 1 of pattern stitch.

Next round: P2tog, purl to end of round. (60 sts)

Cut MC.

Transfer stitches onto double-pointed needles as follows: Needle 1: 15 sts, Needle 2: 30 sts, Needle 3: 15 sts. (60 sts)

Knitting the Toe:

From here, discontinue pattern stitch; revert to Garter Stitch using CC only.

Decrease round: Needle 1: K to last 2 sts, k2tog; Needle 2: ssk, k to last 2 sts, k2tog; Needle 3: ssk, k to to end of round. (56 sts)

Next round: Purl.

Repeat these two rounds until 28 sts rem, ending with a purl round but SKIPPING the stitches on Needle 3.

Redistribute sts from Needle 3 onto Needle 1; ditch Needle 3.

You’ll now have front and back toe sts, evenly dispersed on two needles. Hold parallel and use three-needle bind off to close toe.

Working the Heel:

CAREFULLY pull out waste yarn; place live sts on dpns in the same manner as for toe so that beginning of round is at the center back. Pick up a stitch at each side gap. Don’t worry that the stitches wont all be the same color.

Normally, you’d have about double the stitches that were originally knitted onto waste yarn here, but since we were previously working in a pattern stitch that involved decreases, the number will be a little off. For this stocking, we’ll be working 52 heel sts: Needle 1: 13, Needle 2: 26, Needle 3: 13.

Join CC. Work heel as for toe, until 18 sts rem.

Perform a three-needle bind off, as for toe.


Braid 3 strands of yarn together, each 5-6 inches long. Fold in half to create hanging loop, sew on to top-back edge of stocking cuff.

Weave in ends.

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