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Gift Box Ornaments


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Gift Box Christmas Ornaments

Gift Box Christmas Ornaments.

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These knit gift box ornaments or decorations for the table or a gift bag are so quick and easy to knit. Even newer knitters can easily complete one in an evening, and there are lots of great options for embellishment -- don't feel tied down to decorating them the way I did!


  • about 8 (23) yards of sport weight yarn of your choice (I used Red Heart Sport)
  • one pair size 6 US (4 mm) knitting needles
  • tape measure, scissors, yarn needle
  • small amounts of fiber fill for stuffing
  • small amounts of contrasting yarn for embellishment, optional (I used some Red Heart Sport for the "ribbons" and rosette on the small box, and a bit of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick for the large box's bow)


About 5 stitches and 6 rows per inch in Stockinette Stitch. Gauge is not critical, but you will want a relatively solid fabric.


Small gift box is a 1-inch cube; large gift box is a 2-inch cube. Instructions are given for small size with large size instructions in parentheses.

Knitting the Gift Boxes:

  1. Cast on 5 (10) stitches.
  2. Work in Stockinette Stitch for 1 inch (2 inches), ending with a wrong side row.
  3. Purl the next 2 rows, and continue in Stockinette as established for another inch (2 inches).
  4. Work the purl row on the right side again, and continue in this manner until you have worked four blocks.
  5. Bind off in purl on the right side.
  6. On one side of the second square you knit, pick up and knit 5 (10) stitches along the edge. Work in Stockinette Stitch for 1 inch (2 inches). Bind off in purl on the right side.
  7. Repeat on the opposite side of the second square you knit. Your knitting will look kind of like a T.
  8. Using the purl ridges as a guide, fold the knitting so that it makes a cube. Using the same yarn, sew the sides together from the right side. When all but one of the sides are sewn together, stuff lightly with fiber fill and sew the remaining side closed.

Embellishment Ideas:

For the small gift box, I worked an I-cord in red for 10 inches (you'll need 2 size 6 US or 4 mm double pointed knitting needles for this). Then I ran the yarn end down through the cord in a large running stitch, which I used to gather the cord into a rose shape. I used the other yarn end to tack it to the top of the box.

Then I used more red yarn and a messy duplicate stitch to make a sort of ribbon effect on the remaining sides and bottom of the cube.

For the large box, I simply cut a length of super bulky yarn, wrapped it around the box, tied a knot at the top and made two bows.

You could do the same thing with ribbon, or embellish with more duplicate stitch, sew on buttons, do embroidery, or anything else you like.

If you're planning to use these as Christmas ornaments, you can also add a loop of yarn to use as your hook catcher.

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