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Square Hat


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Square Hat

Square Hat.

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This Square Hat is a great first knitting project for someone who doesn't want to knit a scarf, or for a knitter who's done a few scarves and wants to move on to something else that's still really easy and really cute.

The hat is simply two squares of Garter Stitch sewn together; what makes it extra cute is the embellishment, which is all super easy, too.


  • about 65, (80, 90) yards of bulky weight yarn (I used Valley Yarns' Berkshire Bulky
  • one pair size 10 US (6 mm) knitting needles
  • tape measure, scissors, yarn needle
  • contrasting thinner yarn for sewing and embellishing (I used a bit of Vegas yarn from SWTC's Vickie Howell Collection)


15 stitches and 29 rows per 4 inches (3.75 stitches and 7.25 rows per inch) in Garter Stitch.


12 (14, 16) inches around and 6 (7, 8) inches tall. To fit an infant (toddler, child). Instructions are given for smallest size with larger sizes in parentheses. Sample is child sized.


  1. Cast on 23 (26, 30) stitches.
  2. Work in Garter Stitch (knit every row) for 6 (7, 8) inches.
  3. Bind off.
  4. Make a second piece the same way. Weave in ends on both pieces.
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