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Rolled Cuff Toddler Socks


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Rolled Cuff Toddler Socks
Rolled Cuff Toddler Socks

My girl rocks her Socks that Rock Rolled Cuff Toddler Socks.

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The easiest sock out there is a rolled cuff sock, and these Rolled Cuff Toddler Socks are both easy and quick to knit as well as being totally cute.

The legs are nice and long for extra warmth when needed, or the tops can be rolled down as much as you like when the weather is warmer.


  • one hank of Blue Moon Fiber Arts' Socks that Rock lightweight, or about 116 (128) yards of the light weight sock yarn of your choice (I used color Happy Go Lucky)
  • set of 4 size 1 US (2.25 mm) double-pointed knitting needles
  • tape measure, scissors, yarn needle for finishing


7 stitches and 11 rows per inch in Stockinette Stitch in the round


Small sock has a foot circumference of 5.5 inches and a total foot length of 5 inches. Large sock has a foot circumference of 6 inches and a total foot length of 6 inches. To fit a child approximately 1-3 years (3-5 years). Instructions are given for the smaller size first with the larger size in parentheses.

Begin the Socks:

  1. Cast on 40 (44) stitches. Divide onto three double-pointed needles and join in the round, placing a stitch marker if desired to mark the end of the round.
  2. Knit straight for 4 (5) inches.
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