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Kid's Diamond Brocade Shirt


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Knit the Front
Child's Brocade Shirt Finishing

The Brocade Shirt with a closeup on the edgings.

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  1. Work as for back until piece measures 8 (9, 10) inches, ending with a wrong side row.
  2. Next row, work 12 (16, 20) stitches in pattern, bind off 11 stitches, work rest of row in pattern. The remaining stitches will be worked separately with two different balls of yarn, keeping in pattern. You should have 12 (16, 20) stitches on each side.
  3. Bind off 2 stitches each neck edge on the next row (do this again on the next right side row, largest size only), then decrease 1 stitch at the neck edge on each right side row, twice (four times for largest size only). 8 (12, 12) stitches remain.
  4. Continue in pattern until piece without further decreasing until piece measures 10.5 (11.5, 12.5) inches.
  5. Bind off 4 (6, 6) stitches at the beginning of the next 4 rows.


Sew side seams using the mattress stitch. Sew shoulder seams, matching up the bind off sections. Using same yarn and crochet hook, single crochet around the armholes and neck. Weave in any remaining ends.

You may also want to block or wash this project before using.

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