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Heart Mittens for Kids


A Heartfelt Warmer

Heart mittens with inset of heart texture pattern.

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These simple mittens for kids have a little -- completely optional -- twist with the addition of a heart on the back of the hand in Reverse Stockinette Stitch. Use this basic pattern to add a design of your own, or throw in stripes, or just keep them plain for a really quick project that will keep your kid's hands warm.


  • one skein Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, or about 45 (88, 110) yards of fine weight yarn of your choice (I used color 016)
  • set of size 3 US (3.25 mm) double-pointed knitting needles
  • stitch holder
  • tape measure, scissors, yarn needle


20 stitches and 36 rounds per 4 inches (5 stitches and 9 rounds per inch) in Stockinette Stitch in the round


Finished glove is about 4 (6, 7) inches long and fits a wrist measurement around 5 (5.5, 6) inches. To fit a toddler (small child, large child). Instructions are given for smallest size first with larger sizes in parentheses. Mittens shown are size medium.

Knitting the Mittens

Cast on 28 (32, 36) stitches. Divide onto double-pointed needles and join in the round.

Work 1.5 inches in knit 2, purl 2 ribbing.

Knit 1 round.

Knit 13 (15, 17), make 1, knit 1, make 1, knit 14 (16, 18). 30 (34, 38) stitches.

Knit 1 round.

Knit 14 (16, 18), m1, k1, m1, k15 (17, 19). 32 (36, 40) stitches.

Knit 1 round.

Knit 15 (17, 19), m1, k1, m1, k16 (18, 20). 34 (38, 42) stitches.

Knit 14 (16, 18). Put 6 stitches on holder; work remaining stitches.

Work in Stockinette Stitch until piece measures 1 (1.5, 2) inches from end of ribbing.

Work the Heart (Optional)

K7 (8, 9), p1, knit rest of round.

K6 (7, 8), p3, knit rest of round.

K5 (6, 7), p5, knit rest of round. Repeat.

K4 (5, 6), p7, knit rest of round. Repeat.

K4 (5, 6), p3, k1, p3, knit rest of round. Repeat.

K3 (4, 5), p3, k2, p3, knit rest of round. Repeat.

K4 (5, 6), p2, k3, p2, knit rest of round.

Finishing the Hand

Knit straight until piece measures 3 (5, 6) inches from end of ribbing.

If desired, mark beginning, middle and end of round, or rearrange stitches evenly onto 2 needles. Decreases will be worked at the beginning, middle and end of each decrease round as follows:

K1, ssk, k to 3 stitches from center, k2tog, k2, ssk, k to 3 stitches from end, k2tog, k1.

Work a decrease round followed by a round of straight knitting 3 times, then work 3 more decrease rounds.

Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Graft the top of the mitten closed.

Knitting the Thumb

Put 6 held stitches onto a needle, then pick up and knit 6 stitches along the hole opening in the mitten. Join yarn to work in round.

K for 1 (1.5, 2) inches.

K1, k2tog, k2tog, K1. Repeat on remaining 6 stitches.

K 2 rounds.

k2tog around.

Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Thread onto yarn needle and slide remaining stitches off, pulling tight. Weave in ends.

Making the Second Mitten

To keep the heart shape on the front of the hand for each mitten, it needs to be worked on the opposite side of the second mitten (alternatively, you can place the thumb on the other side of the hand if you'd rather).

Just work across half the stitches, then work the textured part as established above.

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