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Methods for Casting On

Before you can knit anything, you have to make some stitches to knit. There are many different ways to cast on, and it makes sense to learn several to find out which ones you like best.

Cast On Methods
There are so many different ways to cast on, and all of those ways seem to have multiple names. This list aims to clear up some of the confusion in vocabulary and direct you to tutorials where you can learn the different cast on methods.

Wrap Cast On
The wrap cast on is probably the easiest cast on method to master, but it isn't easy to get the tension even with this method. Still, it's a good one for beginners and it gets stitches on the needle quickly.

Knit Cast On
The first step in all knitting is casting on. One of the most basic methods of casting on--the knit cast on--also teaches you the basics of the knit stitch.

Cable Cast On
Cable cast on is a handy cast on method that makes a firm edge that looks a bit like a cable when completed. It's a little tricky because the stitches must be kept very loose. Here's how to complete a cable cast on.

Long-Tail Cast On
The long-tail cast on method is one of the most popular cast on methods in knitting. While it takes a little fancy fingerwork, it's quick and easy once you know how to do it.

Casting On with Two Strands of Yarn
Use two strands to cast on instead of one when you have a lot of stitches to cast on and want to use the long-tail method.

Two-Color Cast On
A two-color cast on is a fun and pretty way to start a double knitting project or a pattern that begins with a two-color rib.

Counting Stitches When Casting On
When casting on a large number of stitches it can be difficult to keep track of how many you have made or to accurately count them when you are finished casting on. This tip makes it much easier.

German Twisted Cast On
German twisted cast on, sometimes referred to as Old Norwegian cast on, is a great, stretchy cast on method that is perfect for socks. It's a little tricky at first but you will love to use it.

Frilled Cast On
Use this little cast on technique to create an interesting, fun edge on any garments you please. It's good for when you want something more...

Provisional Cast On Tutorial
A provisional cast on is a great choice when you want to work from your base stitches in both directions so you can add an edging to a project, for example.

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