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A collection of links to knitting blogs for your reading enjoyment.

Yarn Harlot
No doubt one of my favorite bloggers out there, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is as fun on the Internet as she is in her lovely and funny books about knitting. The blog largely chronicles her travels and current projects.

WEBS Yarn Store
WEBS is an amazing yarn store, and the store blog includes news about yarns and what's going on in Massachusetts.

Knitting Craft Gossip
The Craft Gossip network is a great place to learn all about what's going on in the world of crafts. The knitting site includes knitting news, patterns and more.

Crazy Aunt Purl
Laurie Perry, aka Crazy Aunt Purl, shares insights on being a divorced knitter in Southern California with four cats and a bit of a fiber problem.

Mason-Dixon Knitting
Mason-Dixon Knitting is the blog that launched the book of the same name. Written by two knitters, a Yankee and a Southerner, as letters back and forth to each other, it's a hoot even when it's not about knitting.

Getting Stitched on the Farm
Color queen Kristen Nichols shares stories of the knitting, stitching and creative life living on a sheep farm in western Massachusetts.

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit
A blog for all those people who avoid knitting with wool, whether for ethical or allergenic reasons. Includes yarn reviews, projects in progress and more about knitting without wool.

Wendy Knits
Updates on knitting and a lovely cat from knitter and spinner Wend.

QueerJoe's Knitting Blog
QueerJoe talks knitting, politics and SEX (stash enhancement excursions) on his always entertaining blog.

Knitting to Stay Sane
A look at gorgeous knits and knitting events from Canada.

Glampyre Knits
Glampyre is the home of Stefanie Japel, author of Fitted Knits. Here she talks about what she's knitting, patterns, baby stuff and more.

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