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Binding Off

Explanations and illustrations of different ways to bind off your knitting.

Binding Off Knitting
So you've learned to cast on, knit and purl, but how do you finish a project? That's where binding off comes in.

I-cord Bind Off
The I-cord bind off is an interesting way to get the stitches off your needles. It's very time consuming but leaves you with a great tube along the edge of your knitting, perfect for the top of a pocket or bag or for a button band.

Picot Bind Off
The picot bind off is a really cute way to finish off the bottom of a sweater (or the neckline) or anything else that you want to give a cute, girly flourish to.

Stretchy Bind Off Tutorial
Use this tutorial to learn how to do a simple bind off with more stretch than a regular bind off.

Three-Needle Bind Off
The three-needle bind off is a quick and easy way to get the same number of stitches off of two needles at once, closing up the end of a sock toe, the top of a hat or the head of a doll, for example.

Stretchy Bind Off for Toe-Up Socks and Beyond
This stretchy bind off is a great way to finish toe-up socks and other projects that need a lot of give.

Ruffle Bind Off Tutorial
Learn the ruffle bind off from Liat Gat of KNITFreedom, author of I Love Bind-Offs.

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