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Cabled Purse With Bamboo Handles


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Cabled Purse With Bamboo Handles
Cabled Bag

Cabled Bag.

© Eileen Casey

The perfect finishing touch to any outfit, this purse will have you looking pulled together and polished; and everyone you see will be asking if you made it yourself!


  • 3 skeins of Rowan Big Wool in shade 060 Cloud, or 261 yards of super bulky yarn of your choice
  • 1 pair size 15 US (10 mm) knitting needles
  • 1 pair 9.5 inch bamboo purse handles (Buy Direct)
  • half a yard of velvet ribbon
  • half yard of coordinating fabric for lining (optional)
  • Copies of the Side Cable Chart and Center Cable Chart (or see instructions at bottom of pattern)
  • Yarn needle, crochet hook and scissors for finishing


2 stitches and 2.5 rows to 1 inch in Reverse Stockinette Stitch


Approximate size of the bag is 13 inches by 20 inches before the handles are attached.

Sample knit by Eileen Casey.

Bag Knitting Instructions:

  1. Cast on 50 stitches.
  2. Row 1 (WS): K2, work row 1 Side Cable Pattern, K2, work row 1 Center Cable Pattern, K2, work row 1 Side Cable Pattern, K2.
  3. Row 2 (RS): P2, work row 2 Side Cable Pattern, K2, work row 2 Center Cable Pattern, P2, work row 2 Side Cable Pattern, P2.
  4. Continue to work the Side Cable Pattern and Center Cable Pattern as established, maintaining the 2 stitches of reverse stockinette stitch between motifs.
  5. Work 72 rows total (3 repeats of Center Cable Pattern and 9 repeats of Side Cable Pattern).
  6. Bind off all stitches.

Knitting the Gussets:

  1. Cast on 6 stitches.
  2. Work in Reverse Stockinette Stitch until piece measures approximately 13 inches and is the same height as the body of the bag folded in half.
  3. Bind off all stitches. Make a second gusset in the same manner.

Finishing the Cabled Bag:

Fold bag in half lengthwise, and pin the center of the cast on edge of the gusset to bag at the fold point. Seam the gusset into place along the sides of the bag. Block bag before inserting optional lining and attaching handles.

If you intend to line the bag, make your lining and attach it to the inside of the bag.

Attach the handles to the tops of the bag (not the gussets) using either a crochet hook or a yarn needle and your project yarn. Loop the yarn around the handles and sew through the bag, counting the loops to make sure that they match on both handles.

Weave ribbon through the backs of the cable motifs, and tie in a bow off center, as shown. You can dab a little fabric glue on it if you want, to keep it secure.

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