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Knitting Community: Arkansas Yarn Stores

Looking for yarn in Arkansas? Here are some local yarn shops that have websites.

Mockingbird Moon
A shop that specializes in "natural yarn in the natural state," Mockingbird Moon is located in Bentonville. They offer classes in knitting, crochet, needle felting and wet felting, and have a nice collection of classic favorites in yarn and notions.

Hand Held, A Knitting Gallery
Located in an old house in Fayetteville, this store has a good selection and a very friendly shop cat. You can't order from the site, but it's worth a visit if you're ever in the area (says your Guide, who shops here whenever she gets a chance).

Designing Yarns
This shop in Jonesboro has an decent selection of yarns and you can buy from the site. The shop is friendly and has an evening knitting club. The shop is spacious and full of goodies.

Handworks Gallery
When I tried to visit this shop in Little Rock, it was closed, and it has a bit of a reputation online as being disorganized and difficult to find what you're looking for. You can also order online.

Yarn Mart
Yarn Mart in Littler Rock may just be my favorite yarn store in Arkansas. It's large, well organized, with lots of open space, friendly staff and a large sit and knit table (that was happily full when I visited).

Knit Wicks
Knit Wicks is a small, friendly shop in downtown Rogers. They sell yarns from around the world and local fleece and ofter classes and supplies for knitting, spinning, crocheting and weaving.

Knit 2 Together
Knit 2 Together opened in 2008 in Russellville. As of this writing it did not have its own website, and few details were available.

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