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Planning a Swatch Afghan

Planning out part of a swatch afghan.

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If you have a bunch of gauge swatches or swatches of pattern stitches that you've collected over the years and you aren't sure what to do with them, one quick and easy way to make them more useful is to sew them into a swatch afghan.

Every swatch afghan is going to be unique in size, shape, colors and stitch patterns used, based on the swatches that you have on hand. This step by step shows you how to get started on your own swatch blanket project, but doesn't include a lot of details on the number of swatches or finished size for that very reason.

First, you'll want to gather all the swatches you have that you think you might want to use in the project and find a place to spread out. I used my dining room table.

Work your way through the swatches, laying them out and putting them together like a jigsaw puzzle. Remember there are no rules for this: use the wrong side on the front of the afghan, lay a piece sideways or upside down, whatever looks good to you.

It's highly unlikely you'll have swatches that automatically make perfect rows, but forming a general square or rectangular shape with the pieces is a great place to start.

If you haven't already, weave in the ends on the swatches you are using.

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