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Garter Stitch Square


Garter Stitch Block

A Garter Stitch Block.

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Knit to be Square:

This basic Garter Stitch Square is a great place to start when working on a sampler afghan. Knit just one and combine with squares of other stitch patterns or knit a bunch of Garter squares to make a simple and colorful throw or blanket.


  • about 120 yards of the worsted weight yarn of your choice (I used Plymouth Encore color 515)
  • one pair size 8 US knitting needles
  • scissors and yarn needle


17 stitches per 4 inches, o4 2.5 stitches per inch.


12 by 12 inch block.


  1. Cast on 51 stitches.
  2. Knit every stitch of every row until piece measures 12 inches.
  3. Bind off. Weave in ends.

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