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Knit Wrap Bracelet

This knit wrap bracelet is an easy and stylish project.

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I-cord is probably the easiest "circular" knitting there is, but that doesn't mean it has to be plain. Whip up a long strand of cord over the course of an evening or two, embellish with a fun button and you've got a stylish wrap bracelet that doesn't look like it was worked with a scrap of yarn (or time).


  • about 22 yards of self-striping sock yarn (I used Red Heart Heart & Sole in 3935 Tequila Sunrise)
  • 2 size 2 US (2.75 mm) double-pointed knitting needles
  • button of your choice (I used a vintage toggle button that's about 3/4 of an inch long)


Gauge is not critical for the project. The goal is to make a nice tight tube of knitting, and you should use whatever size needles the ball band of your chosen yarn calls for.


Finished size will vary depending on he wrist you're knitting for and how many wraps you want, but mine is about 24 inches long to wrap around my pretty skinny wrist for times.

Knitting the Bracelet:

  1. Cast on 4 stitches.
  2. Work I-cord to desired length for the number of wraps you would like around the wrist. I worked 4 wraps around my wrist for a length of about 24 inches.
  3. Working on just 2 stitches, knit a row, turn, purl a row and bind off.
  4. Cut yarn, join to the other 2 stitches and repeat.
  5. Stitch these ends together.
  6. Sew a button to the other end of the cord.
  7. To wear, wrap around the wrist, looping it over itself as desired. Button closed.

Project Tips:

You can embellish your bracelet any way you want: add beads or sequins, use a novelty yarn, work it in a thicker yarn for a chunkier look. There's really no end to the variations possible with this simple project.

Go looking in your button stash for the perfect closure for this project. Mine is a red wooden toggle that almost looks like Lucite. There was only one in my grandma's button stash that I inherited, and I think this is a great use for it. If you can, pick a button that makes a statement. Have fun with it.

Depending on the type of button you use, you may need a larger buttonhole. If so, continue to work in Stockinette Stitch a couple more rows. Remember, though, that you want your button to be snug in the hole.

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