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Lace Headband


Lace Headband.

Lace Headband.

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Pretty in Pink:

This lacy striped pink and red headband is an adorable accessory for Valentine's Day or any other day you want to feel a little girly.

The Turkish Stitch is really easy to knit and a great way to play with lace if you haven't worked with it much before.

The idea behind this design was for it to be a headband that went behind the ears, but you could also wear it over the ears to keep them a little warmer if you like.


  • About 40 yards of pink and 15 yards of red medium weight acrylic or wool yarn (I used Caron Simply Soft)
  • two size 7 US double-pointed needles
  • scissors
  • yarn needle


About 21 stitches and 24 rows per 4 inches (five stitches and six rows per inch) in Turkish Stitch. Perfect gauge is not required.


Finished headband is 14 inches long and three inches wide, with 16-inch long ties.


  1. Cast on four stitches in pink.
  2. Knit an I-cord that is 16 inches long.
  3. Without turning the work, knit in the front and back of each stitch: 8 stitches. Turn the work.
  4. Work in Turkish Stitch (knit 1, *yarn over, knit two together; repeat from * across) for one inch.
  5. Knit in front and back of each stitch again: 16 stitches.
  6. Work another inch in Turkish Stitch, then switch to red and knit another two inches.
  7. Continue to alternate colors every two inches until piece is 13 inches long.
  8. Knit two together across: 8 stitches.
  9. Work one inch. Knit two together across.
  10. Work I-cord for 16 inches. Bind off. Weave in ends.

Project Tips:

Make sure you start your new color on the same side of the work each time--that means your stripes will all be the same width.

Make the project longer or shorter if you need to, but make sure you begin and end with the same color so the ties match.

Weaving in the ends can be a little tricky on this lacy pattern, but if you try to stick to the edge as much as possible you should be OK.

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