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Drop Stitch Headband


Drop Stitch Headband

Drop Stitch Headband.

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Hair Control:

I've never liked store-bought headbands; they always seem to give me a headache. But knit headbands like this Drop Stitch Headband are perfect: they don't hurt but they're effective at keeping hair out of your face. What's more, they also allow you to show off your knitting skills and coordinate with your outfits.

This headband is mostly just Garter Stitch and Stockinette Stitch, but it includes a row where stitches are wrapped multiple times then dropped on the next row to make cool elongated stitches.


  • about 30 yards of medium weight bamboo or cotton yarn (I used Plymouth Yarn's Royal Bamboo in colorway 21)
  • one pair size 7 US (4.5 mm) knitting needles, plus one extra needle, any size 7 or smaller
  • tape measure, scissors and yarn needle


Five stitches and 6 rows per inch in Stockinette Stitch. Gauge is not incredibly critical, as project will stretch.


Finished headband is 2.5 inches wide at the top and 18 inches around. To fit an average sized woman.


  1. Cast on 44 stitches.
  2. Knit 4 rows.
  3. Starting with a knit row, work in Stockinette Stitch 4 rows.
  4. Next row, knit 6, *knit 1, wrapping the yarn around the needle twice, knit 1, wrapping 3 times, knit 1, wrapping 4 times, knit 1 wrapping 3 times, knit 1, wrapping twice, knit 4. Repeat from * across, ending last repeat knit 6.
  5. Purl the next row, dropping the extra wraps off the needle as you go.
  6. Work in Stockinette Stitch 3 more rows.
  7. Knit 4 rows.
  8. Bind off.
  9. Along one of the short sides of the work, pick up and knit 3 stitches centered on the middle of the piece.
  10. Knit for 8 inches.
  11. Using your extra needle, pick up but do not knit 3 stitches on the other side of the piece, corresponding to the stitches you picked up previously.
  12. With wrong sides out, bind off with the three-needle bind off.
  13. Cut yarn and weave in ends.
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